A healthy lawn is something that everyone enjoys. It provides a place to entertain, to play, and to relax. And the most beautiful lawns are also things that attract others, encouraging your neighbors and passersby to comment on its beauty. Plus, a good lawn is good for the planet, with every blade contributing to the lawn’s overall health. Professional lawn care service True Green is committed to treating each customer as a member of the family, with the ultimate matriarch being Mother Nature herself. To do this, as shown in the many TruGreen reviews, they only use natural products and they also educate every customer on how to treat a lawn properly and in a natural way.

Additionally, they hope that others will return this favor in a sense. Hence, if you read something that someone else says, and you find this review useful, then do comment on it. In so doing, you turn this review into a lesson for the company. Reviews are hugely important to the success of a company.

What True Green has also done, is release some interesting facts about lawns and lawn care. Let’s take a look, therefore at how this small lawn service company is educating others on lawns.

Fun Lawn Facts

Did you know…

  1. That just 625 square feet of produces enough oxygen to keep one person alive one day. A 5,000 square foot lawn will keep eight people alive.
  2. Grass helps to fight pollution, but also noise. The acoustic effect that a lush lawn has is tremendous. Furthermore, a single acre of grass can help the planet get rid of 100 pounds of toxic pollutants such as nitrates, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, and various other dangerous greenhouse gases. Global warming, cap & trade, an urban growth can all be solved through a lawn.
  3. Grass keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. It has an even temperature of between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the temperature of nearby streets and sidewalks.
  4. When a lawn looks beautiful, it makes people feel good and warm.
  5. If a lawn is healthy, it is safer for children and pets as well, not in the least because it encourages them to be more active outside.
  6. Having a great lawn is a fantastic way to have more parties and entertain people. This builds your social capital, in other words.
  7. A lawn is highly durable. It gives you a lot, and you can take as much as you want of it, so long as you look after it a little bit. They even house vital microorganisms and insects that can help protect your health as well.
  8. Having a lawn helps to prevent natural erosion. Not just that, it also protects against heat islanding, which happens in highly urban environments, commonly described as “concrete jungles”. Essentially, a good quality lawn helps to keep the city clean.
  9. Having a lawn will ensure that you exercise at least half an hour per week.


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