Most homeowners want to have a beautiful lawn. However, according to TruGreen Lawn Care, a lot of people don’t truly understand how much work is involved in maintaining a lawn. They also don’t know how where they live plays a big role in what they should do to maintain their lawn. For instance, a lawn in Memphis has very different needs than a lawn in Orlando. That being said, there are a few key tips that can be applied to all lawns across the country.

TruGreen Lawn Care’s Top Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • If you see any weeds, you should remove them straight away. Weeds are very good at spreading rapidly, and that has to be avoided. It is best to pull the weed, root and all, out of the grass. Using a pesticide could affect the quality of your grass as well.
  • If you can mulch, you should. This will ensure that your lawn has lots of nutrients, keeping it healthy while protecting it from insects as well. Grass clippings are a great type of mulch.
  • Make sure you test the pH level of your lawn. If there is a lot of acidity, you might want to consider spreading some wood ash or other alkaline material to drop it down. If the soil is too alkaline, spreading some Sulphur may be necessary. Your aim should be to have a pH level as close to 7 as possible.
  • Never overwater your lawn. Water is very important in terms of keeping the roots strong and healthy and ensuring nutrients can be spread, but too much water will cause the grass to drown. When it does, it will start to die. You should limit how often you water the lawn and pay attention to natural rainfall as well.
  • Make sure you don’t mow your lawn too short. Medium trims, meaning you leave at least two thirds of the blade of grass intact, is generally the best option. If possible, you should leave the clippings of your grass in place, because it provides your lawn with nutrients. You shouldn’t leave your lawn too long either, however, as it will stop growing.
  • Just before winter, you should give your lawn one last mow, leaving it slightly longer than normal. Do leave your grass clippings in place. This ensures that your lawn is protected during the winter months. If the lawn is too short, frost can kill it. If it is too long, then disease can set in.

These are some of the best tips available to make sure your lawn will be in the best possible condition all year long. A final tip is to ask professionals, like TruGreen Lawn Care, to do the work for you. Doing so may mean that you have an extra expenditure, but it also means that you don’t have the hassle of having to do all the complex work yourself. Instead, you can simply enjoy the beauty of the lawn.



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