Being in a relationship isn’t easy.

It doesn’t matter how passionate, loving, and intense it is from the outset. Without ongoing effort from both partners, any relationship can descend into animosity and ill-feeling.

Around 1 in 5 people end up being unfaithful in a relationship. Infidelity isn’t exactly a sign of a healthy partnership!

Putting in the effort to learn how to be a good partner is essential to avoid such an eventuality. Doing so will help preserve the joy, passion, and love, and prevent worse-case-scenarios such as unfaithfulness and break-ups.

Are you in a relationship and want it to continue to flourish? Read on for seven top tips on being the best partner possible.

1. Remember the Affection

Ah, the good old days!

Those first weeks and months of the relationship you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, right? Passions ran deep, and you found yourselves in the bed as often as you were out of it.

Intimacy (and a fair dose of kink thrown in for good measure) were commonplace.

Time passes, though, and that initial infatuation can dwindle with it. The fire that once burned so brightly can die down.

Work hard to keep it aflame!

Don’t let your sex life get stale. Be physical, tactile, and affectionate with each other. Attempt to cuddle more, hold hands, hold each other, and give one another massages, and so on.

Doing so will help make the other person feel wanted and encourage further intimacy at the same time.

2. Beware the BFF Eventuality

Being best friends with your lover sounds fine.

Yet it doesn’t always lend itself to the raw sexual energy that you once felt. It’s hard to overstate the value of sexual relations to the overall health of a relationship either.

When the sex life goes, the dynamic shifts.

Sure, you might get on just as well. You might make each other laugh and enjoy spending time in each other’s company. But it can get to a point where you no longer want each other in the same way.

Of course you should make the effort to establish a loving BFF relationship. Try not to go the whole hog, though. Save the bitching and moaning, forget the gossiping, and do whatever it takes to preserve the lust for each other.

3. Break the Habits

It’s natural for habits to develop as you spend longer in a relationship.

You get into routines that calcify and eventually become the norm. One person cooks, and the other washes up. One person takes the trash out, the other mows the lawn. And so on.

That’s fine, and not necessarily any cause for concern. The trouble starts when you get into bad habits of relating to one another.

Over time, it might become okay to lash out, insult and argue. It becomes standard practice to go silent, forget the communication, and wait until the problem blows over… until it repeats itself again next week.

Work hard to:

  1. Stop these bad habits forming in the first place, and
  2. Break them if/when they do.

First, identify the habitual responses that have formed. Next, stop indulging them! Hold your tongue rather than lashing out, give compliments in difficult moments, and strive to communicate.

4. Create Some Relationship Rituals

We know, we know.

We just told you to break the habits! Creating rituals seems contrary to that ideal. But it isn’t!

This is about developing certain things that are unique and idiosyncratic to your relationship. They’re what makes it unique and special.

Maybe your vacation in a certain spot every year. Perhaps you say certain things to each other before falling asleep. Maybe you celebrate birthdays in a particular way… you get the idea.

Whatever you do, having rituals can bring you closer together and preserve the bond between you.

5. Work on Self-Awareness

Self awareness is a key skill in all areas of life.

And relationships are no exception.

You’d be surprised by how governed we are by personal insecurities, ideals, and expectations that we have no idea about. We find ourselves irritated and distressed by someone’s words or behavior. It’s natural to blame them for it.

However, remember that it’s your reaction! We interpret words or deeds in a certain way, in line with our view of the world.

Understand yourself and you get to see the world more clearly.

You realize that the fault might not be with your partner, but with yourself. What you took as an insult might have been totally innocuous; their decision not to spend time with you doesn’t mean they no longer love you; etcetera.

6. Make them Feel Special

Strive to make your partner feel special at every opportunity.

You’re one of the most important people in your life. Honor the pride-of-place you have on their mental mantelpiece by letting them know you appreciate them.

The way to do this can sometimes depend on their particular love languages. People accept show and receive love in different ways. For some, nice deeds are all-important. For others, gifts are key. Then there’s time, physical touch, and words of affection to think about.

Figure out how your partner receives love and give it to them at every turn.

7. Keep a Sense of Humour

Finally, make sure laughter is a dominant sound in your household.

If you’re able to laugh together, then it’s a good sign of a healthy relationship.

Make your partner laugh, don’t take things too seriously, and strive for a light-hearted time together.

Tell jokes, play pranks (a Whizzinator would be good for this—here’s more about Whizzinator products if you’ve never heard of them!) be silly, tickle each other, and let the immaterial stuff slide.

Exactly How to Be a Good Partner

Relationships can be tough.

As incredible as they can be, they also present many challenges to overcome. Knowing how to be a good partner will help you navigate them to the best of your abilities.

Hopefully, this post will help you do it

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