Effective PRINCE2 Project

Running a good PRINCE2 project is a challenge that you should be happy to face. A huge factor in your chances of success is how well you do in hiring the right people for your team.

If you use the following tips then you will find it much easier to build a powerful PRINCE2 team that you can rely upon.

Get the Right Mixture of Skills

Every project team needs to have the correct combination of skills in it. Having a group of highly-skilled workers is great but it won’t do you much good if they are skilled in the same areas and with the same gaps elsewhere.

Therefore, a good starting point is to look at the skills that you need for the upcoming project. Are you looking for people who can communicate well or those who have great technical skill in certain areas?

Naturally, you will be happy to have multi-skilled workers on your side. However, in a lot of cases getting the hiring right can come down to tough decisions on which specific abilities are going to be of most use to you later on.

Consider the Training Needed

No matter how strong your new recruitments look to be, there is sure to be some training that they need to carry out in order to contribute fully. Getting this right will go a long way towards making the whole project far easier to manage.

In some pieces of work, they will need to be trained on a specific tool or a particular type of software. Other situations could see there being a greater need to get them trained on general matters such as running meetings, controlling workshops or their PRINCE2 London.

The ideal solution here is to work out the training needs early sort it out before you are caught up in the midst of the project. So, you need to put some thought into this as early as during the hiring process, to ensure that you don’t take on people with more training needs than you can handle.

Look for the Right Personalities

The personalities that you have in your PRINCE2 team will also play a huge part in how well things so. Even if they each have the skills that you need, if there isn’t a good blend of personalities then it is going to be hard work all the way.

To keep this from being an issue, you really need to take all of the personalities into account when you are hiring. Will they all get on well together or can you already see where there might be some problems on the road ahead?

The type of project will also affect which kind of personalities you need. Do you need bright and bubbly people to deal with the end users, or is it more important to get serious team members who will simply get on with it without any fuss?   

Don’t Lose Track of Your Budget

The budget that is allocated for your project is sure to be a big issue at some point. However, it is easy to feel more relaxed at the beginning than you will be later on.

This is why you need to plan effectively at the very start, to understand exactly how much budget you can afford to spend on putting a PRINCE2 team together. If you don’t then you might find that you eat into your budget too much too soon.

You need to be clear about your budget for bringing in staff before you start hiring. A good plan and a thorough understanding of the project ahead are vital if you are going to make some smart decisions.

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