Preliminaries are those exercises in which caresses, kisses and other forms of stimulation that strengthen the connection as a couple are enjoyed. When done correctly, they are the perfect way to prepare the body for pleasure and orgasm.

In these “foreplay” games we can include sex toys, oral sex, dances, costumes and many other complements that break the routine that makes sex boring.

But what are the original foreplay games to try with your partner? Discover the 10 best ones.

1. Give erotic massages

Erotic massages are good foreplay to heighten sensations before penetrative sex. Their practice allows you to go over all the erogenous zones of the body of Hyderabad escorts, achieving a stimulus that increases circulation and lubrication of the genital area.

The best of all is that they can be applied in multiple ways so that it does not become monotonous.

2. Blindfold

Eye contact plays an important role in the foreplay of sexual intercourse. However, to “maximise” the sensations of the other senses, a good option is to blindfold the eyes during foreplay.

It is extremely arousing for the other person not to be able to see what your partner is doing to you. This allows you to focus on touch, taste and other forms of stimulation that undoubtedly facilitate and enhance orgasm.

3. Watch erotic films

Watching an erotic or pornographic film together with an escort as main character is one of the original foreplays that every couple should try. Although some still have a taboo on the subject, it is an exciting and inspiring experience, with many benefits for the quality of sex.

In these films sex is shown in a more open way, allowing preferences and new experiences to be identified. Therefore, if sex is boring or monotonous, a good film can be the enabler to explore it in other ways.

4. Playing with erotic dice

Erotic dice can be purchased in any sex shop and played with an escort from Skokka, one of the world’s largest adult advertising portals. They are a game element that allows you to enjoy original and hot foreplay.

On each side of the dice a different position or stimulation is proposed. That’s why incorporating them into foreplay is an excellent way to say goodbye to routine.

5. Use ice cubes

It’s not always necessary to invest money in toys or products for foreplay. At home there are many simple elements that can help to have a different and, above all, pleasurable experience.

For example, a simple ice cube helps to raise the level of arousal thanks to the sensory pleasure of touch. Its cold temperature produces strong sensations in erogenous zones, especially when applied with the mouth.

6. Role play

There are dozens of ways to enjoy original foreplay with role play. Adopting the role of a sexy nurse or a policeman are some of the classic ideas.

The most important thing is to appropriate the role and use it as an ally for seduction and pleasure.

7. Use sweets

Your partner’s body can become the best “dish” to enjoy a sweet dessert. So if you’ve already tried the more common foreplay, you can try those that incorporate delicious foods such as creams and chocolate.

These ingredients are placed on your partner’s erogenous zones and then gently eaten and licked. What happens next? The pleasure of taste and touch is enhanced to the maximum and the arousal level reaches its peak.

8. Touching oneself while the other watches

Although it may seem simple, watching a woman or a man touching or masturbating each other awakens the instincts and increases the desire to want to touch the other.

The important thing here, however, is that the spectator resists and never throws himself, because the aim is that the one who is provoking him is the one who invites him to do so when he thinks it is necessary.

9. Fulfilling the partner’s fetishes

It is necessary to define what fantasies each partner has in his or her head and share them. Perhaps there is something in common and you can make them come true together. The ideal is to talk about this subject before having intimacy. There is no better way than to get the body in tune!

10. Taking a bath together

This is one of the games that is less often carried out due to lack of time. But in order to have a satisfactory relationship, it is essential to plan relaxing moments for both of you, where you can forget about daily stress, your mobile phone or your children.

A hot bubble bath in which the first objective is to be in silence, relaxed and that little by little the temperature rises is perfect to initiate the excitement of both of you. One trick is not to talk, just feel each other and touch each other without saying anything.