Are you thinking about sending your child off to a summer camp this year or even next? Maybe you can finally go and take that trip to New York that at you wanted. Start that planning early enough so as not to rush through the process. For many children, the summer camp experience can be a great learning experience in their early years of life. On the one hand, they get to learn some new activities that they otherwise wouldn’t have had exposure to. While another benefit is making new friends. Although some of those friendships may go away, others can end up lasting for many years to come. 

childrens summer camp

So, if you want your child to experience summer camp, get those plans off and running.

Make Sure They Have Fun

In looking at tips for a great summer camp experience for your child, remember the following:

  1. Camp – The camp itself will go a long way in determining whether your child has fun. That said take the right amount of time to look around at the different camp options out there. Whether looking at a great summer camp in Colorado or one on either coast, do your research. This means looking at activities available (see more below) and the staff. Also run it by your child to get their feedback. The last thing you want and need is an unhappy camper away from home for a week or more.
  2. Activities – You don’t want to send your child to a camp where most or all activities will either bore or depress them. That said you should know what makes your child tick. As an example, if your child loves the water, sending them to a camp in the city is likely not going to meet their idea of fun. Meantime, sending them to a camp where there is a lake or river will likely suffice. By doing a review of what each camp offers, you’re more likely to find one or more things that will appeal to your young one.
  3. Growing – Last, encourage your child to be adventurous at summer camp. Sure, they may be a little shy at first, but that will oftentimes subside to a degree as the camp goes along. As your child gets to experience new things and make friends, he or she can come back from camp a more mature person. Best of all, they have in all hopes had a positive experience while away from home. That experience can offer confidence as they travel with you. It also can help before going back to school.


And Remember it’s Normal to Be a Little Homesick

Remember the times before the Internet and cell phones? It was hard for kids to communicate with their parents while at camp. Sure, being a little homesick is par for the course.

That said it is fine for your child to reach out to you on occasion while away at camp. No, you do not want them calling or texting on the hour. The occasional check-in is fine as long as they are old enough to have a phone or access email at camp. As you ponder which camp your child may attend, keep in mind that camps are a great opportunity to grow and have fun too. Take these tips on-board and they are bound to have a great summer camp experience.