According to government data, there are 1.3 million active members of the military. Are you thinking about joining the military? Military service is a rewarding opportunity that can fill an important void in your life.

Reasons to join the military include a sense of duty, military challenge coins, benefits, and career opportunities. Many find it a lifelong profession!

Here’s more on the four reasons you should consider military service.

1. Sense of Duty

Many people want to join the military because they feel it’s a sense of duty – a way to give back to their country or to serve. You might become inspired by military camaraderie. 

Military operations fight back against evil and aggression both at home and abroad. Many people see this as fighting for a more significant cause. 

The military relies heavily on families of military veterans for recruits. You may want to serve in the military thanks to the military service of your parents, siblings, or grandparents. 

2. Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins prove that you are a military member and even a part of a specific branch. History shows military challenge coins gave members security, acting as identification. 

In some cases, members used military challenge coins to show their loyalty! Challenge coins also show military camaraderie because they show you are a member of an exclusive club of Americans. 

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3. Military Benefits

In some cases, joining the military means living on a military base or serving on a ship. You’ll receive free housing, healthcare, and meals. 

The military also provides enlistment bonuses. The military also will reimburse your college education. 

Veterans also get better financing on mortgage rates when it’s time to buy a home. And in almost all cases (with good credit), you can get a home loan with no down payment! Thanks to the government military benefits program exclusive to military veterans, it will take you less time to pay down your mortgage. 

4. Jobs

You might find the military to be a lifelong commitment. Full-time military jobs include intelligence officers, recruiters, nursing, and military police. 

The military can help you in two ways: choosing a career and finding a job once you leave your military service. 

Your military service will help you discover what you like and don’t like when choosing a career. You might find out you enjoy police work or telecommunications.

Also, your time in the military will help in finding a job. Many employers favor hiring veterans because of their dedication and leadership values. 

Four Reasons to Consider Joining the Military

Four reasons to consider joining the military include a sense of duty and military challenge coins. There are also fantastic military benefits. Moreover, military service can help you find a career you love during and after active duty.

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