The medical profession has plenty of prestigious and desirable jobs to offer, with nursing being one of the most popular fields for current medical students. As you probably know, nurses enjoy a wide range of career benefits, including decent starting wages, widespread job availability, and low unemployment rates. However, registered nurses who are already working in the field also have the option of pursuing their registered nurse to master of science in nursing (RN to MSN). With that said, here are four reasons why any RN might want to consider upgrading their career by going for their MSN:

1. It Can Be Done Online 

Perhaps the best reason why every RN should consider earning their masters is that it can be done online during your spare time. As such, working towards your RN to MSN online doesn’t have to interfere with existing schedules, obligations, or commitments. Accredited distance learning institutions like The University of Arizona offer MSN online programs that let registered nurses pursue their master’s degree from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

2. Higher Salaries Await

Of course, aside from the fact that it can be easily incorporated into any nurse’s routine, the primary benefit of obtaining an MSN is that it will make you an eligible candidate for higher paying positions within the nursing field, such as General Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Many of these positions pay up to $100,000+ annually. Although some of these higher paying positions only require a bachelor’s degree in nursing and some other certifications, going the extra mile of earning your MSN will make you a prime candidate for any high-paying position you apply for.

3. More Job Opportunities

In addition to having access to higher paying jobs, you’ll also have access to virtually every job in the field of nursing. While an MSN is technically overqualified for the lower paying jobs, a master’s degree opens up the gates to the middle and upper end of the spectrum in terms of pay and benefits. Having access to this new playing field means that your job searches will almost always produce satisfactory results.

4. Advancing Your Career

Finally, while the ease of obtaining the degree coupled with higher pay and more job options are the main reasons why most RNs choose to pursue their MSN online, it’s worth noting that this is an admirable path to take if for no other reason than to continue advancing your career. If you’ve fallen into a rut and are bored with your current position, or you just want to push yourself to do more, throwing an online MSN course into your schedule can be the perfect morale booster that gives you something constructive to do with your free time.

Avoiding Complacency to Promote Progress

Every professional should strive to continue making progress throughout their career, as doing so will help you build a legacy and fortune that you and your family will be proud of.