Cats are one of the most cherished pets in the world. These feline creatures can be found almost everywhere in the world. The only pet that ranks more in terms of population is dogs.

But even at that, there are many of these feline creatures all around the country and the world at large. Figuring out the exact number of cats globally is a difficult task. As a result, there have been conflicting reports.

However, it is safe to say we have somewhere between 300 – 700 million of these domestic animals in the world. Even at 300 million, this is a huge number.

More than understanding that there are many of them around us, you should also know there are different breeds as well. The number of breeds is determined by feline associations and they all do not share the same view.

However, the Cat Fanciers Association is the most liberal in its ability to accept certain breeds as felines. They have generously accepted 44 breeds as seen in their current list. For a comprehensive list of feline breeds as recognized by different feline associations, you can read this.

One of the most recognized and accepted cat breeds is the Maine Coon. It is even arguably the most popular in some parts. The reason is not far-fetched as it is good-looking and very warm.

The truth is that there are a lot more reasons why people love this cat breed and you might want to consider having it as a pet. We will discuss some of them in this article and advise that you keep reading.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Maine Coon Cat

Some of the reasons why many people have gotten this cat and you should seriously consider doing likewise include the following:

They Are Great Company for Kids

A lot of plans change or get modified when kids are involved. For instance, you need to make your place suitable for them so that they do not get injured. In the same vein, people with kids need to think long and hard before bringing a pet on board.

The pet chosen should be good with kids. For instance, it should not feel threatened or into the habit of playing rough. Well, the Maine Coon is a great option for people that have kids. There are personality traits and some uniqueness in temperament that make it a great option.

For instance, this cat is very sensitive to the needs and feelings of those around it. So, you are not likely to have a selfish feline companion if it is a Maine Coon.

Also, this cat does not play rough even though it is very sociable. Rather, you would see it watching you with admiration and following you everywhere you go.

It is just the perfect feline companion for kids. Some of the other feline breeds that are great with kids are American Shorthair, Ragdoll, Birman, Abyssinian, Manx, Himalayan, and European Burmese. For more on this subject, you can visit

Grooming Is Not a Big Deal

We have learned not to judge a book by its cover because of the Maine Coon. People who have little or no knowledge of this pet might come to some false conclusions.

For example, some of these people think this feline is aggressive considering that it looks a lot like a bobcat. This is very untrue as it is one of the most easy-going cats you will ever come across.

Another unfounded belief is that this animal presents so much trouble shedding its fur. This is not true. Although it has a lot of fur and a water-resistant one at that, it does not shed as much as many people think.

It could even do with some brushing weekly instead of daily. So, you might want to have it around you for this reason.

Intelligent and can be Trained

For the records, this cat was a very common part of cat shows way back. This is because you can teach them some tricks considering that they are very intelligent.

Even if you do not want to go to that length, you can at least teach them to walk on a leash and obey simple commands. One of the things you will observe is that this cat breed is good at communicating. It loves to get attention and give attention via oral communication and signs.

Great with Dogs

Some cats can be quite good with kids, people at large, but terrible at associating with dogs. Well, this is not the case with the Maine Coon. We even recommend it for people that want a feline companion alongside their canine companion.

This is because they are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of people and animals around them as explained earlier. So, you have little or nothing to worry about if you want to add a dog to the ranks or a Maine Coon to a dog environment.


We have explained 4 reasons you should seriously consider getting a Main Coon cat in this article. Frankly, there are a lot more reasons than we have here although we have stressed some very important ones.

You should also know that having this cat comes at a cost. For instance, it is not a cheap option compared to many other feline creatures. So, you would have to dig further into your pocket. This is except you are getting yours from a shelter.

You should also know that the crates, cat trees, and other feline accessories needed to raise this cat are more expensive. However, you should consider it a small price to pay for all the wonders you get raising them.

Other than these, having a Maine Coon is a great idea. Considering the 4 important reasons shared in this article, we hope that you think seriously about having this feline as a companion.