The lighting in your business can make more of a difference than you might think. As it’s part of your ongoing costs, whether it be in an office or a manufacturing warehouse, the lights that illuminate your working environment should be cost-effective and create a more positive and productive space for your business. Here are 5 benefits of making the switch and implementing LED lighting services Perth for your business. 

1. LED lights have a longer lifetime 

It is well known that LED lights have a longer lifespan than other lighting sources such as fluorescent lighting. The traditional life cycles of LED lights can last tens of thousands of hours, and will even last longer than the life you see on the box. This number is generally an estimate on the time it takes for the bulb to reach around 30% of its lumen output where it begins to fade, so they can still work but will be a little less bright. 

In businesses where the lights need to be on at all hours of the day, having longer lasting lighting solutions means that you can save money on not having to make replacements as often.

2. LED lights are more energy efficient 

LED lights are much more efficient at converting the electricity into light. When making the comparison with another typical lighting source, you can see that an LED globe used 95% of the energy for lighting, whereas incandescent lights only use 5% in lighting and 95% in the heating of the lighting implements. 

The contemporary design of LEDs through the use of a semiconductor to generate the light helps it operate at a much more energy-efficient fashion. In many industries, your warehouses or manufacturing facilities are always looking for ways to become more efficient with their process. Having an industrial electrician Perth make an assessment in your workplace can help to identify some specific actions you may want to take to improve your lighting or electrical system.

3. LEDs create a more productive workplace 

This is particularly important in offices where your employees are sitting under the lights for at least 8 hours a day. LED lighting has been found to have a positive impact on the productivity of a workplace and the overall satisfaction levels of the employees. It’s also less tiring on your eyes, and for people that are spending many hours staring at a computer screen, it’s important to alleviate the stress on their eyes wherever possible. 

4. LEDs are higher quality lighting options 

The LED lights provide greater ambient lighting which is closer to natural light, giving your business a top quality aesthetic. They also offer supreme colour rendering and sharper focus, again helping in spaces where you have clients and employees coming into on a regular basis.

They also provide a more effective level of light distribution in comparison to other lighting types where there is a great deal of wasted energy from emitting light in unnecessary directions. 

5. LED lights are better for the environment

Fluorescent lights contain mercury and other toxic materials. LED lights, on the other hand, do not contain any type of toxic element. This makes them easier when disposing of them after they have reached the end of their lifecycle. Other lightbulbs can badly contaminate the natural environment when dumped in a landfill. 

As many businesses start to think about more sustainable practices, the switch to a more energy-efficient, affordable and positive lighting source is an important step to make. It’s likely that LED lighting will continue to overtake the other traditional forms of lighting in many different businesses.