While chocolate did not originate in Belgium, the Belgians were instrumental in making it more popular. In a way, you might argue that the Belgians were pioneers in transforming a pure and simple version of chocolate into an exotic treat.

Belgian chocolate is considered the best because of its chocolate-making tradition, heritage, high-quality raw materials, restless experiments, and unique inventions. There are over 2000 Belgian chocolatiers, which can make choosing the best Belgian chocolate difficult.

Types of Belgian Chocolates

Pralines: in Belgium, Pralines are any filled chocolates. Pralines may include buttercream, fruit creams, almond and nut pastes, and nuts. These chocolates have the widest range of flavors and are the most widely consumed. These exquisite treats usually come with shells of white, milk, or dark chocolate are available.

Truffles: Powdery chocolate made with a solid or cocoa butter shell and a ganache (a form of cream and solid chocolate mixture). Usually, these are significantly more costly than pralines but have a rich and smooth texture.

Gianduja: These are small rectangular blocks of pure almond and nut paste covered in gold foil. The taste of Gianduja is similar to consuming a praline with hazelnut pastebut without the chocolate shell.

Chocolate Brands to Consider


With more than 155 years of knowledge and artistry, Neuhaus can handle high-quality ingredients. Their creations are made even more enjoyable to give and receive thanks to their luxurious gift boxes. Jean Neuhaus’s love for chocolate is still evident in the large variety of chocolates available today. Each praline has its unique form, flavor, and name.


In 1910, Henri Wittamer opened his first bakery, dubbed “Modern Bakery.” It became well-known worldwide after receiving the title of “Certified Royal Warrant Holder in Belgium” in 1999.

Wittamer chocolates are made entirely of cocoa butter and are fully handmade. The brand promises top-notch ingredients, delectable flavor, and opulent packaging. Salted caramel, dark chocolate, hazelnut, almonds, milk chocolate, cranberry, chocolate powder, and several other chocolate flavors are available.


Galler chocolatier was founded by Jean Gallers in 1976 in Liège, Belgium. Galler has risen to become one of the top ten Belgian chocolate brands in the United States thanks to their passion for chocolate, fine texture, and relentless innovation.

They make pralines, ice creams, filled chocolate bars, chocolate tablets, spreads, bite-sized chocolates, and various other items. Galler is without a doubt one of Brussels’ finest chocolate shops, as itprovides excellent customer service along with the best Belgian chocolate. They also have samples and assist you in selecting the right flavors based on your preferences.


Mary Delluc, a chocolate lover, founded a business in Brussels in 1919 that would eventually become the Mary Chocolaterie. She set out to achieve excellence and consistency, a mission that became a legacy.

Mary’s primary concern is the quality of the raw materials and chocolates made. Still, her exceptional refinement can also be seen in how her goods are displayed, from the chocolate boxes to the window displays. Mary received the title of ‘Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium’ for the first time in 1942, and it was re-awarded to her in 1990 and 1994.

Brussels Chocolate Museum

If you have to spend one day in Brussels, make a point of visiting Brussels Chocolate Village.

This is one of the world’s largest chocolate museums, covering over 900 square meters. Explore the displays to learn about chocolate production, uses, and history in Belgium. The tropical greenhouse, which recreates the conditions of cocoa production, is the best part of the museum; you might almost imagine you were in the Caribbean; it’s an entirely immersive experience.

Final Thought

If you are a chocolate connoisseur, you must sample out and “experience” as many Belgian chocolate products as possible. You can enjoy your trip to Belgium with some of the finest chocolates. You can even meet the artisan chocolate makers, ask them questions about their work, and sample their new creations.