The adventurer in your life is accustomed to traveling light with everything they need stuffed neatly (or haphazardly, as the case may be) into the pack on their back.

So, what do you give someone who’s always loading up and setting out?

Travel junkies aren’t impossible to shop for, they just require a bit more creativity. Their presents need to be compact, convenient, yet still a little fun—which is exactly what these five gift ideas are.

#1 Mobile Photography Lens Kit

Luggage space is a luxury that many travelers just don’t have, but you can still maximize your gift’s impact while minimizing the space it takes up.

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes with two unique lenses, so your friend never misses out on the perfect shot:

  • TruView 0.45x wide-angle lens – They’ll capture even more of their incredible surroundings with this wide-angle lens—45% more to be exact.
  • Clarus 15x macro lens – This lens can zoom up to 15 times so that they can capture the intricacy and details of close-up objects and subjects even at a safe distance.

#2 A Timeless Timepiece

A stylish watch is basically a necessity, but isn’t it more of a corporate chic look than a jet-setting backpacker adventuring around the world kind of vibe?

Typically, we’d agree with you, except when it comes to these fashion-meets-function waterproof watches. Why limit yourself when you can give the traveler in your life the ultimate timekeeper?#3 Travel-Sized Games

There’s nothing worse than a twelve-hour trans-Atlantic flight abroad with nothing to do (or, more accurately, not enough to do—you can always find something to watch on those in-flight media consoles, but that doesn’t mean you should waste your time on them).

Instead, load your travel junkie friend up with a few pint-sized board and card games that fit perfectly into any carry-on:

  • Monopoly Deal – This convenient board-turned-card game encompasses the fun of Monopoly while taking up a fraction of the space (and time, thank goodness).
  • Travel-sized set of classics – You can find minuscule three-in-one board game sets that include Checkers, Chess, and Backgammon for some bonus versatility, or a miniature set of poker chips and a deck of cards for some good ol’ Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em.
  • Bananagrams – This isn’t exactly a play-on-the-tray-table-during-your-flight kind of game, but it’s super fun to break out once you’ve arrived at your destination.

#4 Digital Luggage Scale

This gift leans more towards practical than pleasurable, but when your pal saves $100 on overweight luggage fees, they’ll be feeling pretty darn good about your gift choice.

This handy-dandy handheld scale can weigh your luggage quickly and accurately, while hardly taking up any space inside of it. It’s a must-have on vacation.

#5 Bring the World to Them

Make a point to check on your travel junkie friends these days—it’s tough out there for all the habitual vacation-takers, travel vloggers, and around-the-world-adventurers who can’t do what they love right now.

If they can’t go see the world, maybe you can bring parts of the world to them. Here are a few travel-adjacent gifts that may satisfy your globetrotter until their next big trip:

  • Coffee from around the world – Order them a coffee of the month subscription that delivers a new bag of single-origin coffee from a different country every two or four weeks. Because of its recurring delivery date, this gift keeps giving for an entire year.
  • World traveler hot sauce gift set – Let your friend enjoy the tastes of different hot sauces from around the world without ever having to leave their apartment (depending on how spicy those peppers are, that may be a blessing in disguise).
  • International cuisine cookbook – Pick a country, any country—whether it’s authentic Thai cooking, tapas from Spain, family-friendly Chinese food, or curries from around the world. They may not be able to enjoy the country’s best restaurants, but they can still explore the cuisine on their own time and in their own kitchen.

Wrap Up Before They Pack Up

Who knows when the travel junkie in your life will be able to hit the road again? When the time comes, make sure they’re stocked up with everything they may need, thanks to your thoughtful gift-giving.