As we age there is an expectation that many changes will occur eventually. We may become less able to live alone or have the independence we have always enjoyed.

It is important to understand that choices for yourself are available.

Deciding to go into a retirement home is not always a choice in your best interest. Maybe you are near or at retirement age, living alone and wondering if independent living is an option.

It likely is. Learn more about this and what benefits to expect. That way, you can make the best choice for yourself.

1. Social Opportunities

Independent living provides a wide range of social opportunities that often are limited when living in a care facility or other assisted living residences. One of the key benefits is the ability to make contact with new people.

Residents in independent-living facilities have the freedom to join clubs and organizations in their independent living community. Gaining contact with these new people allows them to gain companionship and possibly new friendships whilst engaging in activities, attending trips, and other social events.

Furthermore, at independent-living facilities, it is easy to keep in contact with family and friends, as there is less of a need for supervision and transportation that might be needed in assisted-living residences. This results in more opportunities to visit family and for them to visit.

2. Maintenance-free Living

Independent living is a great way to experience maintenance-free living. It provides a stress-free way to live since most utilities and maintenance are all paid for before moving in – leaving residents to worry about their more immediate needs. This type of living also provides protection against unexpected costs.

This is because most of the necessary costs are worked into the up-front cost of renting or buying the home. Additionally, independent living reduces time-consuming chores like lawn mowing, house painting, and other forms of upkeep. 

3. Safety and Security

Residents of independent living facilities are typically monitored 24/7. They have available staff to provide assistance if safety issues arise. Entry to and around the independent living facility is limited to authorized personnel.

And if there is an emergency, help is always just a call away. Furthermore, with the optimal amount of light, security, and safety, residents can go about their day-to-day lives with the utmost ease and confidence. 

4. Access to Amenities

Many independent living establishments are built near shopping centers, public transportation, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, and more.

This means that residents have convenient access to essential goods and services. Additionally, many offer a pool and other recreational facilities. This makes life more enjoyable.

5. Flexible Care Options

Independent living with flexible care options is a great way to help maintain your well-being while also gaining some freedom and autonomy. Major benefits of independent living include the ability to live a lifestyle of your choice. You can come and go as you please. You have a greater degree of control over services like meal preparation and cleaning.

Flexible care options include:

  • home healthcare
  • meals on wheels
  • in-home aides
  • errand services

With these, you’ll be able to have access to tailored care plans that meet your precise needs. For a clear overview of these care options, you may want to find sources here.

Take Advantage of Independent Living Benefits

Independent living provides many advantages. It allows individuals to cultivate independence, self-sufficiency, and responsibility while building new skills and friendships.

It not only provides a sense of freedom and control, but it also helps reduce stress and provides a higher quality of life. So, why wait? Try it today!

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