Home sales are surging past record highs, with average sale prices increasing by more than 10%. Despite one of the most tumultuous years for consumers and businesses, real estate is weathering the storm.

An enticing listing only goes so far. Real estate agents play an instrumental role in driving industry growth and average sale prices. The better your percentages, the more clients you’ll attract to your agency.

Great real estate agents aren’t born overnight. The best agents use a strategic combination of real estate marketing tips to close deals.

Let’s dig into the best real estate strategies for new agents!

1. Real Estate Video Tours

Video has revolutionized real estate marketing. Did you know that online listings with virtual tours enjoy 50% more views than listings without video?

Video tours aren’t just for big shot agents, either.

There are plenty of ways to produce an affordable real estate tour. Hire a videographer friend or freelancer at a discount. If you’re handy with a camera, you could create your own video tour. Virtual tours are excellent for remote buyers who are looking for properties out of state. Plus, prospective buyers can share video links through email or social media, which drives views and leads.

2. Drive Sales with Scent

Real estate is one of the few industries that benefit from scent marketing. Like color, scents have the power to elicit psychological responses, which is central to the marketing process. Pleasant, “buyer friendly” scents can turn an open house into a sale.

There are plenty of scents to consider, but avoid anything that’s too pungent. Avoid strong perfume scents or chemical-smelling cleaners. Homebuyers also hate incense sticks, bleach, and certain cooking smells.

The smell of fish and grease may turn most buyers off, but some cooking smells can also increase your sale chances. Buyers love the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies, light lemon pies, and cinnamon treats.

Fresh citrus laundry smells are also effective, but not dirty laundry.

3. Freebies and Swag Bags

You love free stuff. Why wouldn’t prospective buyers like freebies?

Branded products are a great way to get your name into seller’s homes. Seasoned agents understand the power of a simple branded pen or magnet. Put your agency’s name on everything, from pencils to coffee mugs!

Branded real estate products are perfect for open house marketing, too. Put aside a table to showcase your branded stationery, shot glasses, office supplies, calendars, drink coasters, and more.

You could also brand seasonal products, like snowglobes and chocolate Easter bunnies.

Remember that real estate marketing is a process. Don’t feel down if you don’t make a sale overnight. Consistently A/B test your approach to refine your skills, and motivate yourself with quotes that inspire uplift and ingenuity.

Start Selling with Real Estate Marketing Tips

Every agent starts at square one. Remember these real estate marketing tips as you grow your skills, sales, and agency.

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