There is no doubt that you can manage your attention disorder hyperactivity disorder – but we’re going to tell how you can excel at doing so, which means bringing a positive and successful changes in your life.

In light of this, mentioned below are 5 of the most important resources you must consider and opt for if you want to treat your ADHD symptoms and not let it affect how you live your life:

Top Resources Adults with ADHD Should Know and Use

Resource Numero Uno – Holistic Medication or Nootropics

If you have to put up with anxiety and stress that is directly associated with ADHD symptoms – then nothing is going to make more happier than to know nootropics can indeed help you steer clear of this health predicament.

So, What Are Nootropics?

The clinical explanation of the term is the fact any medicine, nutraceuticals, herbal medications or holistic remedies or even foods that can help you enhance your cognitive function can be considered nootropics. However, it is also vital that nootropics consist of the following elements:

  • It should help increase your stabilize your focus
  • Help optimize your cognitive functionality
  • Help boost your learning capabilities
  • Safeguard your brain into steering clear of chemical or physical injury
  • They must not have adverse side effects – especially similar to psychotropics – for example daytime sedation or motor control complications
  • Next to no level of toxicity

Moreover, you will be amazed to know just how effective and successful nootropics have actually been in helping people with anxiety, panic attacks, memory decline or impairments, stress control and clarity. And the best part about nootropics is the fact they have little to no side effects, especially if you go for 100% herbal supplements.

Resource 2 – ADHD Support Applications

Yup – I bet you are giving this part a close read – but yes it is true, you can now download ADHD support applications on your android and iOS devices, but with a little support from the tech gurus.

There are some really cool apps that if you use on a regular basis, you will be able to manage your day to day work progress, your productivity, you will be able to get rid of all that clutter in your brain, schedule and plan better – dominating ADHD instead of have it dominate you!

Here are two of the best apps you can go for:

  • Evernote

If you always write down important stuff and then just forget where you put the note as if you haven’t written anything at all then this application is for you. Evernote is designed to help manage, organize and store all your important thoughts, ideas, notes and personal or professional projects at one place. That is right, no need to turn the house upside down to find the note you wrote two hours ago.

Plus, you can also use Evernote to store all your photos, your artwork, audio and video files. Moreover, in order to ensure your project is organized you can immediately collect and store your thoughts as well as reminder in the digital notebook – and you can do that for every project.

  • Dragon Mobile Assistant 

If you are always traveling and on the go and if it beginning to get extremely tough for you to stop for an hour or so jus to respond to emails and check your text – then there is nothing more beautifully simple then the Dragon Mobile Assistant app.

The application is designed to use your voice to let you access the interface – or you can use your voice to type anything you want and send it as either text or email. By simply speaking, you can tell your friends what you’re thinking on Facebook or fly a tweet on Twitter.

That is no to say that you should use your phone while driving – but you can use the DMA to send quick texts to anybody through your voice while you’re driving – but only if it’s like super urgent!

Resource 3 – The Best ADHD Blogs for You

There are so many blog sites that you can visit to pass the time or to take daily dose of humor. However, there are also blogs that can help you bring closer to your overall objectives and help you accomplish your goals. You can even interact and connect with other people who have ADHD – you will be surprised as to vast the adult ADHD community is. In light of this, mentioned below are a few of my favorites!

  • CHADD Leadership Blog
  • Totally
  • Untapped Brilliance
  • My ADD Blog

Resource 4 – Connect with Like Minded Individuals on Your Social Media

There are plenty of support groups for adults with ADHD that you can join on Facebook or other social media networks.

Sure, social media can be a very relaxing and pleasant platform to treat your symptoms – especially when you meet interesting people or individuals like yourself. You get to connect with people from all walks of life. However, I won’t lie, there are times when I just want to break my laptop – so yeah, there can be troll on the prowl – and they will catch you when you least expect them.

But that is no reason not to try this avenue to treats your ADHD symptoms, mentioned below are some popular Facebook pages and support groups you can join today!

ADHD Adult Support Group – This page has more than 15,000 people suffering with ADHD that come to chat. Plus, you can also make a pen pal group or a private group. Whatever you do, you are guaranteed to find a vast community here.

Managing Adult ADD/ADHD – This is another splendid Facebook page and a very refreshing and exciting ADHD community for adults. The page also has more than 15,000 people who come from all walks of life – to chat, to cheer you on, to understand how you feel and to encourage you to live your life to the fullest. You can also opt for vyvanse patient assistance on these blogs.

Resource 5 – Exercise!

I can almost feel the hissing and scowling – but believe me, this is one form of treatment that can help quickly enhance your focus and lift your spirit to achieve all that is great in life! Plus, it is free – and you can do it anywhere you want!

But why exercise? That is a great question. Well, the fact of the matter is, people with ADHD typically have lower levels of dopamine – a feel good chemical that the brain naturally produces. But apart from letting you feel good and calm – dopamine also helps clear your thoughts and help you focus.

Whenever you perform any type of exercise, it doesn’t have to be weightlifting, you brain quickly starts to release neurotransmitters – and one of them is the big D.

Moreover, you don’t need a scientist to explain you the overall benefits of exercising – not only for the body but for the mind as well. A daily run or job or some pull-ups, pushups, some skipping – these are all routines that can help you combat high levels of stress, steer clear of depression, flush out pessimistic thoughts, increase your impulse control and eliminate compulsive behavior.