While going to high school is one of the most anticipated times in the life of a student, it plays an incredible role in laying down your future career options. High school s the time where you get to choose some of the key subjects that will determine your future career.


Even so, math is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects to choose from. This is because it cuts across almost all professions as a necessity. Due to this, its choosing the math classes to study will either make or break your future plans.

Basically, high school offers a wide range of math classes, varying in levels of difficulty. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to know which math classes are not only important for your future career, but are a must in college as well. This way, you will have a soft landing once you get to college. Read a long to find pout the 5 things in high school math that you will need to get into college.

What to Expect in Your High school Math Class

For a long time now, math curriculum has changed in different aspects. Even so, depending on your level and the type of textbook you use; you can always expect to cover some of the main topics that cut across the board for your math homework. These topics are not only crucial to your overall math grade, but they play an important role in college application as well. The following topics serve as crucial key subjects that you can expect to find in college as well.

1. Algebra

Algebra is one of the basic fundamentals of any math class. You most probably have come across Algebra in most, if not all of your math classes. But what is algebra? Basically, algebra deals with real numbers in solving different equations. In high school, you can expect these equations to be linear equations. However, as you scale higher to the college level, these equations slightly change to more realistic form of live equations. You can also expect graphing linear equations, polynomials, quadratic functions and a host of other things to do with algebra. Be sure to use online tools that can help you solve basic algebraic problems, such as an arithmetic sequence solver, for example.

2. Geometry

This is another crucial component of math. However, unlike algebra, geometry generally deals with planes, angles and formulas. This component of math is crucial especially if you are looking to take a career in construction or design.

3. Trigonometry

This is a combination of both geometry and algebra. It involves two key skills namely circular and periodic functions. Due to this, trigonometry is usually taught during algebra 2, pre-calculus or geometry classes.

4. Pre calculus

If you are looking to take a career in economy or anything to do with statistics, then you should be well acquainted in pre-calculus. It involves using mathematical formulas to carry out different statistic functions. Its sets precedence for whatever you are going to do in calculus.

5. Calculus

In calculus, there is nothing much different from what you learn in pre-calculus. However, more emphasis is put on integration and differentiation with deeper concepts. It is a crucial component of math that you are required to grasp well in order to gain entry to college.