2020 has been a tough year for everyone and with Christmas around the corner, it is safe to say that splurging for extra special Christmas gifts this holiday season might not be such a bad idea. If you’re a lady looking to buy your man a custom self inking rubber stamp gift you’re probably asking yourself “where do I start?” If you’re not so happy with your loved one you can always buy him an online dating app membership, as a way to say ‘its over’, according to this eHarmony review online dating app can work wonders! But if you’re still head over heels for your man then you might want to stay clear of the dating subscriptions and opt to buy him something special. So here are the 5 things to buy your man this Christmas.

 #5- Their favorite sneakers

 Almost every guy is a sneakerhead and appreciates a good sneaker. There are hundreds of different types of sneakers or trainers available from different brands. Take a quick peek at your boyfriend’s closet and check out what type of sneakers he has hidden in his treasure chest.  And in the off chance that your man isn’t into sneaker, then just buy them whatever type of shoe style they are in to!

 #4- An online subscription

Before you close the window to this article, online subscription DOES NOT mean to a dating app! But given that with the covid-19 pandemic, everything moved online, then it would make sense to buy your loved one a year-long membership to an online service or feature. It could be subscriptions to a streaming service either music or movies or a purchase to an online course that may be useful for them. Really there is everything available online and depends on what your partner may like. Give this one some thought, you’d be surprised how much they might like it.

 #3- Their own Hookah

Hookahs have become increasingly popular not only amongst men but across society as a whole. The Middle Eastern smoke pipe has become a constant party favor or the most ordered item in cafes and restaurants. Setting up a hookah is not difficult, and is actually pretty easy. If your man is a smoker, or even better a hookah smoker, then opt to buy them their very own hookah pipe. It may turn your home into a hotbox but it’s the thought that counts!

 #2- Men’s Grooming Set

Men’s grooming is big nowadays. Lots and lots of new grooming products have hit the shelves and quickly snatched off of them. Consider buying your man a full packaged grooming set with oils, ointments, lotions, and creams. Also, add to it their favorite perfume. If you think about it, this gift is really for you then it is for him…

 #1- The newest gaming console

The mother of all gifts for men- the newest and their favorite gaming console. This is a sure-fire, guaranteed man-pleaser. Buying your man their favorite gaming console would make them the happiest little boy on Christmas.