Effective communication is the foundation of an excellent attorney-client relationship. For a successful case, the client must provide all the necessary information about the accident. On the other hand, the injury lawyer must keep the client up to date with the case proceedings.

Also, a reputable Dallas injury attorney will use modes of communication preferred by the client. With the client dealing with injuries and stressful circumstances of the case, they should not struggle with emails, while it is easier for them to make a call, for example.

That said, let us look at ways to maintain clear communication with your lawyer.

How to Ensure Effective Communication with a Personal Injury Attorney

1. Ask Questions

If you are hiring an injury attorney for the first time, you’ll probably have a ton of questions. To help you get all the information you need, prepare a list and bring a pen and notepad to your meetings. You will need to know the possibilities of the case, how long the case will take, what the lawyer expects from you, the rates and payment methods of the attorney, and the services offered, among others.

Also, you need to ensure you’re clear about the strategy your lawyer is planning to use and any complex legal terms associated. You should be able to ask anything and present your concerns without being judged.

2. Tell the Truth

Transparency is critical for the success of your injury claims. During the first meeting, the lawyer will ask you to give details about the case. This information helps them to access the case and determine liability. Your lawyer will be able to make the correct conclusions if you tell the accident story as it is.

Omitting information is not suitable for any case. An experienced lawyer will use all the details of your case to strengthen your claim.

3. Communicate Your Desires

The circumstances of every injury case are different, and clients expect different outcomes. For instance, if you are dealing with a dog bite injury claim and want to maintain the relationship with the dog owner, communicate that to the lawyer.

Being open with your claim and expectations allows the lawyer to develop the best strategy for your case. The tactics used for a job injury claim for a person who wants to return to work may not be the same as that of an individual who wants to retire after the settlement.

4. Follow up with the Lawyer

The success of an injury claim is determined by the participation of the attorney and the client. For that reason, follow up with the lawyer to update the case and give them any new information.

If there are delays, seek to know why. Do not blame the lawyer for everything because, at times, the delays are beyond their control. For such follow-ups, you can talk via mobile phones or emails.

However, if you are not satisfied with the details provided, ask to meet the lawyer in person for a better evaluation.

5. Conflict Resolution

Like with any other relationship, you will face communication challenges with your lawyer. Before you think of getting another lawyer, try working out the problems you have.

Attorney-client issues are complex, but they happen all the time. Therefore, try to resolve instead of throwing in the towel.

Communication with Your Injury Lawyer Is a Must

When choosing a lawyer, consider someone you can work with for a long time. Whether on the phone, email or in person, it should be easy for both of you to ask questions, present your concerns and give feedback without feeling judged.