When choosing a security company, choose one that prioritizes clear communication and responsiveness. It’s also important to choose a company that offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Residential communities, apartment complexes, and neighborhoods use security guards to manage neighborhood watch programs, patrol property and community access, and respond to neighborhood security incidents.

Retail Guards

Professional security guards, such as those from Security Now USA, provide safety to employees, customers and visitors. They are ready to take charge in high-risk situations affecting a business’s reputation, finances and productivity.

In retail stores, security guards are often tasked with providing basic customer service. This means greeting guests on their way in, helping them locate items and escorting visitors to their vehicles late at night or during off hours.

Guards specializing in this role can help your retail store deter shoplifting and other types of crime. They are also familiar with local laws and regulations your business may have to follow. They are also aware of risk patterns you might have become desensitized to, such as a window always being left open or a suspicious person walking around the building.

Corporative Guards

A corporative guard is essential when you manage a business that houses valuable intellectual or physical property. These employees are trained to notice suspicious activity, stop crime before it happens and help you regain your property.

They can patrol your premises, monitor security cameras and control room operations, operate a gate, and respond to alarms. They can also provide basic customer service, like helping people find departments and products and escorting customers to their cars at night.

In addition, these guards can also help you with your loss prevention programs by assessing risk, interviewing witnesses and helping you file incident reports. They can even handle the emergency response for your business if the police can’t arrive quickly enough. They can be a good alternative to hiring extra armed security officers for your business.

Mobile Store Detectives

The services offered by store detectives include:

  • Patrolling retail stores in plain clothes.
  • Observing suspicious shoppers.
  • Keeping a record of such observations.

They are looking for complete crimes, which usually involve a shoplifter choosing an item, taking it without paying for it, concealing it, and leaving the store.

Keen observational skills and teamwork with security guards are key to their success. Depending on the location, they also can blend in with various shopping environments. They are also known as loss prevention agents, undercover shoppers, detectives or investigators and asset protection officers at major retailers.

Often, these staff members investigate credit card fraud and theft activity and work closely with law enforcement officials on local, state and federal cases. They may also randomly check employee lockers and bags.

Vehicle Patrol Guards

Vehicle patrol guards offer an effective visual deterrent to criminal activity near a business. They also collaborate with local law enforcement and contact them if they notice anything suspicious.

During routine or scheduled patrols, these security officers physically inspect the property’s doors and windows to maintain its safety and security. They also provide speedy detection of illegal concerns, lock and unlock services, vacant property inspections, and escorts for employees and clients.

If your business is in a busy area with high crime or vandalism issues, patrols can be the best solution for your needs.

Event Security Guards

Event security guards offer various services for businesses that hold public events. With the help of a search engine marketing consultant, you can find security providers according to your needs. They can perform a security assessment and provide the necessary protocols unique to your location.

They monitor the environment around the venue and report any suspicious activity through two-way radios or direct verbal communication. They also help with crowd control, preventing a large gathering from dangerously chaotic. They can usher guests during emergencies, such as fires or natural disasters, and even aid in providing first aid.

They may also serve as a point of contact for event attendees, answering questions and guiding them personally and professionally. This can help with customer retention and add to the overall image of your business. They can also act as a deterrent against theft at your events.