As we age, our body becomes a less efficient machine, and we need to make changes to accommodate this. Not only do we need to just slow down on certain things, but we also need to keep doing the things we always have to maintain good health. While regular health check-ups with a medical professional are essential, there are a good number of things you can do to keep healthy well into your golden years which don’t require any fancy equipment or expensive medical bills. A lot of these things can be adapted depending on any underlying conditions or health concerns. Here are 5 ways to promote wellbeing among the elderly.

Get Good Sleep

As you age, you need less sleep, but that doesn’t mean your sleep is any less important. Try and get a good amount of quality sleep by making your sleeping environment conducive for it. This means doing things like moderating the air temperature, making the environment as dark as you can, and removing distractions like electronics or televisions from your bedroom. Try not eating or drinking anything too late to avoid those middle of the night bathroom needs too.

Stop Smoking and Lower Alcohol Intake

If you’ve been smoking for the better part of your life, you might feel like giving it up as you get older is rather pointless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Smoking continues to harm you the longer you smoke for and quitting at any age will always be beneficial. The same can be said for heavy or frequent drinking. Enjoying a drink in moderation becomes increasingly important as you age.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise need not be vigorous or strenuous. A simple walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your body and mind. Getting the blood flowing means you’re getting some endorphins and moving those muscles and joints. Even if you need assistance with moving around, like making use of EWheels, who are known for their mobility scooters, getting outdoors, or doing a bit of exercise to the extent you’re able offers innumerable health benefits. Consider joining a sports club like lawn bowls or croquet to not only get some exercise but meet new people and be social!

Watch Your Weight

Obesity, particularly later in life, can have a broad range of health complications. From being a risk factor in developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes, which can, in turn, be life-threatening, to just making it harder to move around, maintaining a healthy weight becomes very important in your later years. This doesn’t mean you should give up anything sweet or unhealthy, but rather just maintain some balance in your diet and try to eat healthy most of the time.

Eat Healthily

It’s not difficult to eat healthily and still have many delicious meals if you’re cooking for yourself. However, particularly if you’re getting catered food, you might not always have access to the healthiest options but it is critical that you eat well. Having some fruits and vegetables that are high in nutritious vitamins and minerals and making sure you include plenty of them in your diet is important. You might also consider a vitamin supplement, along with maintaining a diet rich in calcium.

Keeping both physical and mental health strong is important as we age, and keeping on top of good sleep and exercise, as well as limiting harmful habits and foods, contributes to both that ever-important mental and physical health. One of the most important considerations, as we age, is to keep motivated and not become discouraged if we can’t do things we once could. There are always alternatives – like trading tennis for lawn bowls!