There are angels disguised as people who work in the social sector. When obstacles emerge, they surface from nowhere to offer psychological, mental, and physiological assistance to people.

Apart from lending a helping hand, they help families adjust to different scenarios and incidents in their lives. A social worker doesn’t operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; instead, they can be called upon any time there’s need. As exhausting as it can be, they are compensated well for whatever help they provide to vulnerable people.

Social workers are important members of our community, offering guidance and care to those in need. Veterans, the homeless, drug addicts and children who are neglected or abused are all helped by social workers. Working in social care demands a strong sense of commitment and a desire to assist people in managing and overcoming their physical, mental, and behavioral difficulties. 

Social workers are important in assisting people coping with daily challenges and improving their quality of life. They will choose from a variety of specializations, each with its own set of benefits and challenges.

Academic studies, licensure, and professional teaching by practice are parts of preparing for a career in social work. 

Social Workers – What do they do?

Professionals in social care assist individuals with addressing and managing problems that interfere with day-to-day interactions. Mental, behavioral, and interpersonal disorders are examples of these. Social workers can work in medical, academic, and community environments, assisting clients with developing coping skills and improving their quality of life. 

Every career consists of a career ladder and social work field is no exception. Individuals wanting to climb up but struggle to juggle between classes and work have a great opportunity to grab their masters in social work online! It is a field with a variety of dimensions. Beginners or those looking for higher studies can choose the field from below which suits their interests best. 

School Counselors

Students in primary, middle and high schools are guided by school counselors. They will assist children whose private lives interfere with their ability to thrive in school; many of these roles are identical to those of child and family social workers.

A master’s degree in school therapy or a similar area is needed to work as a school counselor. In the end, a state license is also required for school counselors to practice.

Salary: The median annual salary is $56,310.

Social Worker in the Medical Sector

Social workers in healthcare deal with people suffering from various diseases and psychiatric problems. These support workers are not medical professionals; instead, they provide services to patients to help them cope with their condition or sickness.

They could associate patients with support groups or assist them in adjusting to a newer, more different living environment to change their surroundings for a fresh start.

Healthcare social workers, like all other social workers, need both a BSW and an MSW. A state license is needed to be a social worker in the medical sector.

Salary: The estimated annual salary is $56,750.

Social Worker in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Instead of sending those with addictions or substance abuse problems to prison, the US criminal justice system is slowly transitioning to opioid and alcohol rehab programs. This is where social workers who specialize in mental health and drug abuse help.

They treat people who are suffering from these problems, as well as other serious psychiatric illnesses like depression. A BSW, MSW, and social work license are required to work in mental health and substance abuse facilities. Additionally, a hospital license is also needed if they plan to offer outpatient therapies.

Salary: The median annual salary is $46,650.


A psychiatrist is a professional who specializes in the treatment of mental illnesses. Doctors who specialize in evaluating and treating psychological and psychiatric disorders are known as psychiatrists.

Because of the amount of education and experience needed, psychiatry is one of the top paid careers in this discipline. Despite this, wages in this profession can differ greatly based on geographic position, specialization, and the services provided. A psychiatrist working in a doctor’s office, for example, will typically make less than a psychiatrist working in an outpatient treatment facility ($222,460 vs. $233,920).

Salary: The median annual salary is $216,090.

Social Worker for Children and Families

These experts assist families who need assistance in any way possible. These social workers will, for example, help arrange food, housing and general supplies for families and children. They also help children who are victims of abuse and malnutrition. They’re also responsible to accommodate children in foster homes or assist in adoption processes.

Earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work is required to work as a child and family social worker.

Salary: The median annual salary is $46,270.

Manager of Social and Community Services

These practitioners serve in a variety of social and voluntary organizations, including charities and city government bodies, in leadership or managerial roles. The main responsibility of a manager of social and community services is to supervise social workers and give them specific targets to achieve.

In general, these managers can even find work if they have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as social work or business management. However, most multinational companies prefer Master’s degree holders.

Salary: The estimated annual salary is $67,150.


Social work is not a walk in the park. It requires an individual’s complete attention whenever a call is made which may become challenging at times. When incidents occur, they come without warning and it’s these social workers who rush to provide spiritual, behavioral, and physical assistance to the victims.

Those passionate about helping others should dig deeper in this field as it offers a variety of fulfilling areas. The reward of satisfaction, in the end, is worth the struggle.