Approximately 39.7 million people in the United States are living in abject poverty. And a further 41 million face hunger every year.

These numbers are only a small percentage of the number of people suffering in the world due to one reason or another. Now more than ever, humanity needs people like you to take up the torch, and make a positive impact in someone else’s life.

However, many people believe that it is not their war to fight. This notion only makes the problem much worse. You can make a lasting contribution to humanity in your own modest way.

If you love serving others, then here are seven impactful jobs that involve helping people.

1. Firefighters

These are everyday heroes who come to the rescue of anyone in need of rescue from a fire. This career is one of the most respected professions you can join, and it will give you the joy you want to feel by helping other people.

However, becoming a firefighter means you are willing to put your life at stake. This is because it involves saving people from burning buildings. A firefighter may earn about $47,000-$61,000 per year.

If you are brave, and you don’t have any phobias about height or fire, then becoming a firefighter is one of the greatest jobs that involve helping people.

2. Registered Nurses

Nurses are the first point of contact between patients and the hospital. This means they get to know people on a more personal level than doctors. Hence, allowing them to make a more lasting impact on the patients and families that visit the hospital.

Nurses are also friendlier than doctors, and their duties in the hospital mainly involve giving direct patient care. If you have always felt compassion for the sick, then becoming a nurse will provide you with a chance to help more people than you could possibly count.

The average salary of a registered nurse is $73,000, making it a more lucrative career choice. But, being a nurse means you are willing to work odd hours with busy schedules. It’s definitely worth it, and becoming a nurse is one of the best decisions you can make.

3. Doctors

Doctors literally hold people’s lives in their hands. What better way to help others than to become a doctor, and have the opportunity to save their lives. Doctors are highly respected individuals whose daily tasks involve treating people and helping them live a healthier life.

But the academics qualifications to become a doctor are a bit difficult. You will also have to spend a lot of time, and money in medical school. Despite all this, becoming a doctor will give you the chance to help thousands of people if you come up with new vaccines or medications for the various diseases currently afflicting society.

A doctor earns roughly about $290,000-$670,000 per year. This is the kind of salary that would help you secure your future and also help other people while doing it.

The field of medicine is vast, and you are free to choose which specialty suits you best. Doctors are responsible for everyone in the public once they step into the hospital, and they can perform various jobs that involve helping people.

4. Social Worker

There are multiple fields in social work such as adoption, clinical, counseling, and many more, which give you a chance to help other people in society. Becoming a social worker will enable you to help the most vulnerable people in our community, such as orphans or drug addicts.

Social workers work hand-in-hand with other professionals to cater to people’s needs. You can even become a social worker who works in an administrative position in a place like a hospital. Be sure to check out this guide for more tips on training to be an office administrator.

Social workers may face various challenges, such as rejection from the people they are trying to help or having patients who relapse after they have been helped. On the bright side, social workers make approximately $ 47,000-$80,000.

5. Teachers

This is one of the best jobs that involve helping people. It entails passing on knowledge to the future generations of the country.

Teachers get to help shape the minds of their students, and they contribute positively to the psychosocial development of almost every member of the community. The annual average salary of a teacher is $58,000 to $86,000.

The main challenge of being a teacher is that it is challenging, and the work might become too overwhelming. This should not discourage you because nothing is as rewarding as helping other people by teaching them.

6. Police Officers

This is a career that is often judged too harshly yet it plays one of the most crucial roles. Becoming a police officer will allow you to help, and protect the people living in society. Criminals might become notorious, but the police are there to ensure that no harm comes to civilians.

It is generally agreed that we need police officers to help us keep protected from harm. A police officer is paid an average of about $65,000-$82,000

7. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist helps people through a lot of stuff such as through addiction, or even a bumpy marriage. This is a job that allows you to help people on a more personal level because they reveal what is troubling their mind and spirit.

Psychiatrists offer expert advice on various issues. And they get to help people through multiple stages of life and in different states of mind. Their work mainly seeks to promote the mental well-being of their patients.

A psychiatrist can earn up to $219,550. The psychiatrist works very closely with psychologists as their jobs are closely related.

Jobs That Involve Helping People

Helping people is a great way to live a meaningful life. But, choose a career that also pays well. The above careers choices are among the best jobs that involve helping people, and with determination, you can do any one of them.

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