If you’re one of those people that are looking for the purest possible form of CBD, then look no further than CBD isolate.

CBD isolate can be found under many different names on the Canadian market, such as pure CBD. The name is quite fitting as this form of cannabidiol is made entirely out of this compound. With isolate, no other compound, cannabinoid, or terpene exists.

And if consuming pure cannabidiol is something that interests you, then stick around as we will talk about the 7 reasons why Canadians are choosing oil made with the purest CBD.

With all that said, let’s start.

CBD Isolate Vs Full Spectrum

Before we give you our 7 reasons, we must distinguish the difference between CBD isolate and Full Spectrum oil.

While we did touch on what CBD isolate is, let’s talk about Full Spectrum oil. Full Spectrum CBD contains all of the compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes that exist in hemp. Hemp is the plant that Canadian CBD farmers derive cannabidiol from. And the hemp plant has plenty of other compounds apart from CBD.

One of these compounds is THC. THC might scare some of you, seeing as it is mostly associated with marijuana. But you shouldn’t feel that way as the THC contents in Full Spectrum CBD must not go above 0.3%.

In Canada, CBD isolate is the purest choice and removes all other compounds, terpenes, and cannabinoids to give you nearly 99% pure CBD. The reason why pure CBD is so popular with Canadians is that there is no THC and what you get instead is only CBD.

With all that out of the way, let’s get into the 7 reasons why Canadians are choosing pure CBD oil.

Reason 1: Stress Reduction

It’s quite common to feel stressed. Whether it’s from work or thinking about making next month’s rent, stress can cause major issues to your health.

And make no mistake about it, nearly 21% of Canadians are living a stressful life. If you’re one of the people that have absolutely everything planned in their life, then well done as chances are you won’t experience the negative effects of stress.

But for most of us, trial and error is the only way to live. One way to reduce stress is by taking pure CBD oil. The way pure CBD does this is by reducing the many causes of stress. One such cause is anxiety.

Feeling anxious can lead to feeling stressed. And pure CBD oil can reduce stress by preventing feelings of anxiety.

Reason 2: For Relaxing

Sometimes what we need is to just relax. But everyday life can sometimes be difficult so sitting down and relaxing is not an option. One way to get the much-needed rest and relaxation is by taking pure CBD oil.

Namely, pure CBD oil can be your relaxation agent. It does this by impacting your mind and settling your heart rate. So in a way, pure CBD oil positively impacts both the mind and body.

Reason 3: Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is caused by a lot of things. From being active in the gym to doing yoga, there are plenty of things that can cause inflammation and sores.

And living an active life for some Canadians is an absolute must. But what happens when muscles are sore and joints are stiff? All that workout might be beneficial for your health, but it puts a lot of strain on your body.

Inflammation isn’t anything dangerous but it does present a hurdle. And one way to overcome it is by taking pure CBD oil. The way pure CBD oil can help reduce inflammation is by being a tool that will help you recover faster.

Reason 4: As A Sleep Aid

Nearly 3,4 million Canadians are living with insomnia. This is one of the many dangerous sleeping disorders that can throw your life in chaos.

There are plenty of reasons why you might have trouble falling asleep at night. All of these significantly impact your sleep hygiene and make it difficult to control the sleep-walk cycle.

Insomniacs struggle to fall asleep at night and thus compensate for the lack of sleep during the day. And from the many ways that you can try and get a better night’s sleep, taking pure CBD oil might just be the thing you need.

Whenever we take pure CBD oil, the endocannabinoid system and its many receptors intercept the CBD. And the oil can positively impact your ability to easily fall asleep since the endocannabinoid system is responsible for this basic body function. So by taking pure CBD oil, you are eliminating many sleeping disorders by giving your mind and body the necessary “push” to fall asleep.

Reason 5: For Dry Skin

Even the skincare industry has gotten into CBD. And for good reasons as pure CBD oil can help your skin as much as your muscles or a racing mind. There are dozens of factors that play a key role in determining how much moisture escapes your skin.

Make no mistake about it, anything from direct exposure to the sun to using sunscreen plays a huge role in having dry skin. And for many Canadians, having dry patches is a problem.

One way to keep your skin properly moisturized is by using pure CBD oil. Since cannabidiol very effectively heals your skin, you’ll quickly notice an end to dry patches.

Reason 6: For Pets

Pure CBD oil isn’t solely exclusive to humans. Our pets can benefit the same way we do. The way pure CBD oil can help your pet is by being a tool that reduces anxiety, helps them eat more, and even reduce inflammation and pain.

Certain breeds of dogs experience problems with arthritis as they get older. And for many of these dogs, CBD oil can help reduce the inflammation and pain that comes from this condition.

If you notice that your dog doesn’t eat lately, then a dose of pure CBD oil can help them get back their appetite. There are countless other benefits that come by giving our canines pure CBD oil. But before you do that, make sure to get in touch with your vet first.

Reason 7: For Epilepsy

And lastly, Canadians use pure CBD oil to treat many types of epilepsy. From Lennox-Gastrault to Dravet syndrome, these can cause massive seizures that can be very uncomfortable to watch let alone experience.

And research has found out that pure CBD oil can help control seizures. While it won’t make the disorder go away, it can certainly help control the amounts and severity of these attacks.

Finishing Thoughts

From inflammation to more severe conditions such as epilepsy, there are dozens of reasons why Canadians are using pure CBD oil. The purity factor is a huge draw for this product, hence making it one of the most popular on the Canadian CBD market.

And while there’s plenty of research to be done on the matter, the early signs are very promising.