Regardless of what excuses we may put out there the simple truth about weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is that it is not difficult, and the real key is mental health, not physical. I had ‘struggled’ with my weight after leaving college and thankfully my good mate Alexis Fecteau, a personal trainer and a concerned friend, pulled me up on my health and my weight, which really gave me the kick up the butt that I needed. Alexis was strong and sympathetic, the perfect way to be when approaching a topic like this, and once he simplified it, everything became clear.

If you are trying to be healthier or lose weight, here is why you should be finding it easy.

You Know It

The fact of the matter is that if someone asked you in the street what you believed would be a good diet and way to live healthy lifestyle, you would be able to tell them with a high level of accuracy. Most people would say to eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg per day, cut down on greasy foods or saturated fat, drink more water and exercise more, well there you have it. There is of course a lot of detail which you can get into around body types and what people are trying to gain, but generally speaking people clearly understand that eating well and exercising often is the surefire way to be healthier.

Fine Margins

If you are aiming to be the perfect figure of health then yes, you should drill down into each food type and work out what to eat and when in order to get that full nutrient package which your body needs. What you mustn’t lose sight of however is that any healthy change is an improvement and just because you are not perfect is no reason to not make that change. We hear this all of the time, people worrying about high levels of sugar in fruit or concerned that too many eggs could lead to high cholesterol. These are fatal statements of course but ultimately either option is better than filling your face with junk every day. Perfection will come, for now just focus on switching the junk for something healthier.


This perfection idea also includes exercise and so many people won’t go out an exercise because they believe that they are unable to do a ‘proper’ workout. Well guess what, anything that you do which gets your heart rate up will be good enough for now, as long as you keep on doing it and keep on moving the goal posts. If you weigh 300 pounds and walking around the block tires you out then there is your starting point, don’t not do it because you feel bad that you can’t do a burpee. Start from your level and then gradually build up to a harder and tougher workout, anything is better than nothing.

We all know how to do it and why we need to, the key is getting your mind right and understanding that the change is easy, it just needs work.