Did you know that 36% of Americans aged 18-29 have at least one tattoo? If you’re part of this impressive statistic, you may be thinking about taking the plunge and going for a tattoo cover.

As you may know, getting a tattoo when you’re younger is a very different experience than when you’re older. Now that you’re a little more mature, you may want to reconsider some of the more youthful choices you made earlier in your life.

If you’re looking to redesign your skin through a cover up tattoo, we’ve got some of the best tattoo cover up ideas to help you.

Black Line Rose Tattoo

An amazing tattoo design to help redesign a black line rose tattoo is to add watercolor elements to create a colorful, modern look. Start by outlining the rose with a few shades of red, pink, and orange to create the look of a more realistic rose. To soften the look, add some blue and green watercolor accents.

The contrast between the black line and the watercolor will give the tattoo a unique design. To add more dimension to the tattoo, incorporate some lighter and darker shades of the colors used. To finish, add in some leaves, petals, and other decorative elements with the same watercolor technique.

Red Stars and Clouds Tattoo

With a red stars and clouds tattoo, the original design can be preserved but transformed to make a fresh and unique design. The red stars could be covered up and replaced with a variety of shapes and colors, then arranged in a pleasing pattern to give the image depth and movement. Where the clouds were, a bright sunrise or sunset can be painted, with a gentle seascape to carry the eye across the body, creating a subtle yet mesmerizing effect.

Other tattoo ideas can include adding in some unique elements such as a flock of birds, or aquatic creatures depending on your preference. No matter what you decide on, amazing tattoo cover up ideas can help turn old tattoos into an eye-catching statement.

Black Monstera Tattoo

You can also use lines and swirls to break up the existing tattoo and create a new, abstract design. You could use a combination of black and green, the colors of the Monstera plant itself. Alternatively, you could use tiny hints of cheery colors, such as pinks and purples, to give the tattoo a modern look.

Whatever the case, black Monstera tattoos can be transformed into unique and eye-catching artworks. You just have to use your creativity, and you can create a stunning and original tattoo that you can proudly show off to your friends and family.

Joker Tattoo

There are many amazing tattoo cover up ideas to help you redesign your work, especially when it comes to a joker tattoo. The first option for a cover up is to simply add more detail to the existing tattoo. Depending on the size of the original tattoo, the artist can easily extend the Joker card with extra artwork such as intricate designs, colorful backgrounds, or famous quotes.

Furthermore, if the original tattoo is too small, the artist can even add more cards to create a playing card sleeve. Another option is to transform the Joker into a whimsical character. This could involve adding different shapes, colors, and details to the existing tattoo to create a unique and fun character.

Geometric Mandala Tattoo

A creatively designed geometric tattoo with different shapes such as circles, diamonds, starbursts, and other common geometric shapes will create a great sense of creativity. If you want to keep your existing design, you can add an extra layer of flair by choosing a tightly connected pattern on top.

Additionally, adding unique elements such as a lotus flower or a feather in the pattern will make the tattoo stunning. Finally, think about the size of the tattoo. A smaller design could be used if the existing tattoo was too large. 

Great Wave of Kanagawa Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and your individuality. One of the most popular tattoos is the Great Wave of Kanagawa tattoo, and it can make a great statement when done right. 

The Great Wave of Kanagawa tattoo range from color combinations to adding new elements. From a 3D wave using colored shading to adding a skull or sun in the background, the possibilities are endless. With a creative mind and the help of a professional, you can find the perfect cover up idea to recreate your tattoo and make it unique.

Black Sunflower Tattoo

Black sunflower tattoos add a unique flair to any existing tattoo design. With creative use of colors and elements, black sunflowers can help to greatly enhance the depth and design of existing tattoos, or simply create a unique spin on a full cover-up. The stunning contrast of the black on the sunflower also provides a powerful image.

In addition to using black sunflower designs, careful layering of other tattoo elements, such as leaves, swirls, and abstract elements, can be combined to create an even more dynamic look. From light to dark, each tattoo can be customized to reflect the unique style and personality of whoever it is that wears it.

Ornamental Sleeve Tattoo

Repainting your existing sleeve design with a new color palette can bring life to the tattoo and change its entire look. A different yet equally beautiful choice is to incorporate a nature-inspired theme to the sleeve tattoo, such as adding in some:

  • birds
  • florals
  • butterflies
  • clouds

All these depend on the type of look you’re going for. If you’re feeling bold, you could also opt to completely cover up the existing design with a large-scale portrait.

If you have a passion for tattoo designs while getting inked, then you might want to become a tattoo artist. Here is a guide on how to become tattoo artist.

Have You Chosen from These Tattoo Cover Up Ideas?

Tattoo cover up ideas are an essential tool for anyone looking to redesign their work. With the right ideas, you can creatively cover up those unwanted tattoos or tattoo mistakes.

From realistic tribal art to natural camouflage, you can finally create the look you have always wanted. Try these amazing designs today and see the artistic possibilities!

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