Here are 12 amazing animals that start with n. From the icy waters of the Arctic to the wildlife-rich savannas of Africa, we’ll explore the fascinating creatures whose names begin with the letter “N”.


1. Narwhal: The Unicorn of the Sea

First on our list of animals that start with n is the Narwhal. This unique creature, often referred to as the unicorn of the sea, is a medium-sized whale residing in the icy waters of the Arctic. The most distinctive feature of the narwhal is its spiral, unicorn-like tusk. This tusk, contrary to popular belief, is not a horn but a tooth that can reach an astonishing length of up to 10 feet. Scientists suggest that the narwhal uses its tusk to catch prey such as fish and squid.

2. Newt: The Regenerative Amphibian

Next up in our nomenclature of animals that start with the letter n is the Newt. Belonging to the salamander family, newts are captivating creatures known for their vibrant colors and remarkable ability to regenerate lost body parts. Whether it’s a tail, a limb, or even an eye, newts can grow them back, making them a wonder of the animal kingdom.

3. Nightingale: The Melodious Bird

As we continue our exploration of animals that start with a n, we come across the Nightingale. This small bird has earned international fame and recognition for its melodious and enchanting song. The Nightingale is one of the few avian species known for singing at night, a characteristic that earned it its name, meaning “night singer”. Its song has been a source of inspiration for many poets and writers throughout history.

4. Nighthawk: The Night Predator

The Nighthawk, another nocturnal avian member of our animals that start with an n list, is a bird that hunts insects under the cover of darkness. Despite its name, the Nighthawk is not a hawk, but belongs to the Nightjar family. These birds are often mistaken for bats due to their nocturnal habits and similar flying patterns but are, in fact, distinct species.

5. Numbat: The Termite Lover

As we delve deeper into the fascinating world of animals that start with n, we encounter the Numbat, an Australian marsupial with a penchant for termites. The Numbat has a long, sticky tongue that’s perfect for fishing termites out of their nests. Unlike most marsupials, numbats do not have a pouch, making them an interesting outlier in the marsupial family.

6. Nurse Shark: The Gentle Giant of the Sea

Next up in our exploration of animals that start with n is the Nurse Shark. Known as the “couch potato of the shark world”, the Nurse Shark is a docile creature that poses little threat to humans. Nurse sharks are usually about 8 feet long and are recognized by their smooth, grey body.

7. Nutria: The Wetland Engineer

The Nutria, also known as the Coypu or river rat, is a large, aquatic rodent native to South America. Nutrias are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes. These creatures have been introduced to various parts of the world and are considered an invasive species in some areas due to their impact on the ecosystem.

8. Nuthatch: The Upside-Down Bird

The Nuthatch is a small, active bird known for its unique behavior of walking down tree trunks head first, unlike most birds that always stay upright. Nuthatches have strong feet with large, backward-pointing toes and sharp claws that enable them to move along vertical or upside-down surfaces with ease.

9. Nyala: The Shy Antelope

The Nyala is a beautiful antelope native to Southern Africa. Known for their spiral horns and pretty stripes, Nyalas are some of the most eye-catching creatures in the African savanna. However, these animals are quite shy and prefer to stay hidden in dense cover, making them a rare sight even in their native habitats.

10. Nalolo: The Coral Reef Dweller

The Nalolo is a small fish that calls the coral reefs of the western Indian Ocean home. With their vibrant colors and unique shapes, Nalolos add a dash of color and life to the underwater world they inhabit.

11. Nematode: The Most Numerous Animal on Earth

When discussing animals that start with n, it’s impossible to ignore the Nematode, also known as the roundworm. Nematodes are arguably the most numerous multicellular animal on the planet in terms of both biomass and species diversity. These tiny creatures play a crucial role in various ecosystems, contributing to the decomposition process and nutrient cycling.

12. Nicator: The African Songbird

Last but not least on our list of animals that start with n is the Nicator, a family of songbirds that live in Africa. Known for their melodious songs, these birds add a symphony of sounds to the African landscape.

There you have it, a comprehensive list of animals that start with n. Each creature, from the Narwhal to the Nicator, plays a unique role in the ecosystem and contributes to the incredible biodiversity of our planet. So, the next time you’re exploring the great outdoors or visiting a zoo, keep an eye out for these amazing animals that start with n!