The pandemic and its related rules put enormous strain on families. They had to shift the way they worked, attended school, and had to follow new and unfamiliar distancing regimens. BCFS Health and Human Services RSD, a nonprofit organization committed to helping families with educational and medical programs, understands the unique challenges of social distancing. To help manage this time difficult time, the organization created a list of six fun socially distanced activities for families.

  1. Go on a Walk

The organization recommends families reconnect with one of the simplest group activities: taking a walk around the neighborhood. It’s a low-impact activity that’s good for the heart and the soul. RSD recommends parents take time on the walks to talk to their kids to check in about how they’re handling quarantine life.

  1. Play Some Tennis

Tennis is enjoying a resurgence during quarantine, as it’s an active sport that doesn’t require face-to-face contact. It’s also fun for kids of all ages who can get out some of their frustration by whacking a ball back and forth.

  1. Build a Backyard Cineplex

Quarantine and social distancing rules mean more time at home, which encourages people to improve their living spaces. RSD recommends people with backyards consider creating an outdoor movie area, with a projector, sheets or a screen, and some speakers. Place lawn chairs or bean bags at eight to ten-foot intervals, and invite a small, masked group of friends for movie magic.

  1. Launch a Videogame Tournament

With Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s easy to place a TV outdoors and enjoy the latest video games. Placing a TV on a sturdy table out in the yard gives kids an outdoor space to safely play Rocket League or other games against their friends while in person.

  1. Find some Treasure

Geocaching was a big thing a decade ago, and now it’s coming back during quarantine. It’s essentially treasure hunting with GPS and an app. RSD suggests the entire family can participate in geocaching as kids will delight in finding treasures and replacing any found items with their own contributions.

  1. Dive into Home Improvements

Whether it’s painting a child’s room or switching from traditional light bulbs to LEDs, there are multiple home improvement projects families can work on together during quarantine. Parents working on outside projects such as painting or building a new fence can also enlist the help of their neighbors and their kids. It’s easy to follow distancing rules outside, and projects are faster to finish with more “hands on deck.”