You can’t imagine having a reception where guests are packed into a massive banquet hall and squished into chairs like sardines. In fact, the entire situation feels more chaotic and stressful than exciting for you. It’s possible that a small, intimate affair will be a better choice when you decide to tie the knot — after all, the event is supposed to be about what you want, not what your friends, family members or coworkers expect.

There are a lot of great reasons to have a tiny wedding ceremony and reception, like making sure your experience can be savored and cherished — many couples experience something called wedding day amnesia, where the entire event is so overwhelming that it’s difficult to remember everything that happened. Other noticeable benefits that you will really appreciate is that a smaller guest list results in easier planning and looser budgets. This means you don’t have to worry about skimping and sacrificing the elements that you want for the occasion. Including getting your dream wedding dress. If you are looking for plus size wedding dresses JJ’s House has plenty of options. Make sure to check them out.

For instance, if you and your spouse appreciate delicious food, you will be looking for a wedding caterer to wow everyone in attendance — this is much simpler when you don’t have to pay for over a hundred dinners, desserts and hors-d’oeuvres. One of the best wedding ideas for a small affair is to splurge wisely and use your budget to raise the quality of the experience, especially since the quantity of food will be smaller. The best wedding catering company Toronto has to offer is The Food Dudes, which can help you create a custom menu filled with appetizers, refined entrees and delicate desserts. This Toronto wedding caterer will impress your guests with dishes that will feel like they were prepared in the middle of a five-star restaurant, like:

  • Roasted squash soup with crispy pakora and cilantro crema
  • Truffle gnudi with walnut pesto, mushrooms and pea shoots
  • Canadian prime striploin with celeriac puree, short rib agnolotti and demi glaze

While you won’t stress over the planning and budget, you may find cutting down your guest list to be a difficult task. If you aren’t sure how to start whittling down the possible invites, here is a quick list of effective ways to keep your guest list small and intimate:

  • Closely examine your relationships with people that are on your guest list to see if they should be one of the few to attend. If you have no interactions outside of work or if you have not talked in years, they aren’t a strong choice.
  • Do not invite relatives that you only see at reunions once or twice a year.
  • Under no circumstances should you invite anyone to your wedding purely out of guilt.

You will inevitably deal with family members, friends or acquaintances that assume they are getting an invitation that will never arrive. It may be uncomfortable, but you can’t base your entire wedding on the expectations of others. You and your spouse deserve to have the sweet, quiet and completely personal day of your dreams.