The study of history has many subfields, and each of those subfields has its own unique benefits to studying it. Military history is the study of military thought, theory, and conflict across planet Earth throughout history. A military history degree can give you valuable benefits, from improving existing skills to an increased understanding of military tactics. Altogether, it is a degree well worth pursuing.


For people who are in the modern military, particularly those who are going to be in command someday, a master of arts in military history can be very helpful. This degree can help modern military commanders and officers learn more about the different lessons that previous commanders have learned. The study of military history also helps those who are studying it to learn how humans and human society behave during war, and how we, as a species, interact during war. Finally, studying military history can help put those tactics into their correct place in history. This allows commanders to know what tactics are still applicable for modern warfare. These tactics can also be seen in the way that the great leaders of history reacted in certain situations.

Improve Skills

Working in a military history degree program also has benefits for civilians. Not only is this a degree that helps a student build their existing knowledge, schools like Norwich University offer a flexible degree program. Their program is designed to help students improve in their skills as historians. These skills range from writing and research to critical thinking and giving effective presentations. Not only does a program in military history help improve skills related to general historical research, it also increases the student’s ability to examine the specific history of warfare and the different actions and factors that can influence the way a culture responds to warfare.


The study of military history is one that helps to give a bit of perspective to modern warfare. By having the training to examine the different military conflicts of the past, students will then be able to identify the ways to avoid similar conflicts. Because war is a constant factor throughout human history, it is important to study it. This provides an insight into the different conflicts through history. By knowing the causes of each conflict and the ways that they have affected the modern world, military historians can apply this to books and articles. These can then be read by politicians and civilians alike. Some political leaders may not have much experience in the military, and this will give them valuable perspective into military matters. Many civilians also might not have experience in combat, but conflict still plays a major role in their daily life. The study of military history can provide a glimpse into the reasons behind those conflicts that shape the modern world.

A masters of arts in military history provides many benefits to those who study it. From improving skills to learning more about perspective and tactics, much can be learned from this topic for both civilians and members of the military.