The United States welcomes more than 75 million visitors from countries around the world every year, who come for business, pleasure, or both. The US has so much to see and do that it is impossible to see it all in one trip unless of course you have a year of more to travel. 

Visitors can choose between virtually any climate or any type of terrain and aside from large urban metropolises or thousands of small towns in every area of the country. No matter where someone chooses  to visit however, there are some common preparations one needs to make in order to ensure a successful trip. Here are a few of the most important of those things.

Plan Your Trip Well 

The US is a very large country. There are 50 different states, and most have several large cities, dozens of medium-sized cities, and more towns then can be counted. In short, the US is not a place to stumble around in and get lost. So the first course of action for you to take is to make a plan for your trip. Perhaps you are going to go to 1 City for your entire trip. If this is the case you want to find out the weather in that City, the sites to visit there, what transportation is available, the types and locations of restaurants, and how to locate any special services you might need like the police or a hospital. All of this information should be available to you add an instant, and you should plan out your trip on a daily basis.

Many people decide to try and figure it out when they are actually on the ground, but this never works out well. You can certainly leave some extra time that isn’t accounted for, but the majority of your time should be well mapped out so that you can be sure to have a wonderful time.

Get Your Visa or Visa Exemption 

For nearly every country, the United States requires that visitors have a Visa. This document allows you to legally enter and stay in the country, for your entire trip. Visas should be applied for in some cases, depending upon your country, up to six months in advance. There is currently a backlog of visas to the United States, so you should start this process early in order to ensure that you will be approved in time. You should have your travel itinerary prepared because this will be required or the Visa.

United States allows a Visa exemption or citizens of 38 countries. Citizens from these countries must apply for a Visa waiver exemption call an ESTA Visa.This document provides legal entry into the country and is a much less rigorous procedure then going through the traditional Visa process. Additionally an ESTA Visa can be obtained quickly. Average times to receive the Visa are between two and three days. However you must provide the required information which may take you some time to gather, so you should apply early.