Are you thinking about remodeling your home?

Brick tiles can be a great way of adding a feature to your home. You’ve probably heard how easy they are to install, but this isn’t the end of their benefits.

Read on for 7 benefits of using brick tiles in your home.

1. Durability

While traditional tiles have a good amount of strength, they can be prone to wear and tear. This can even lead to complications with the general structure of your home as a whole.

Brick tiles are more durable, and this makes them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor areas. They have the highest quality assurance which gives them a longer lifespan. They stay strong for longer and maintenance is easy as pie.

2. Easy Installation

With their growing popularity, installing brick tiles has become a standard building procedure. Including traditional bricklaying has an impact on the time it takes to build the rest of your home. And it is something that you’d have to do at the start of the build.

But by using brick tiles, you can avoid this delay if you’re building your home from scratch. And, you can easily add it to your existing home if you’re looking to add a touch of modern industrialism. The process of installing these tiles is more efficient and easy to do – to learn about installing brick tiles, click the link.

Brick tiles don’t add extra time to building your home. Your builders can concentrate on the main structure and add the tiles later.

Repairing damage to brick tiles is easy too. You don’t need to remove large areas and rebuild as you do with traditional brick. You just need to remove the damaged tile, careful that you don’t damage more in the process, and replace it.

3. Exposed Brickwork is a Great Focal Point

Exposed brickwork creates a timeless, chic vibe to any home to matter it’s age or architectural style. It can create a modern, industrial feel to any room.

It can also create a vintage, homely feel in an older property. No matter the style of your home, exposed brickwork is able to elevate the atmosphere and feel.

Due to their easy installation, even if your home isn’t made of traditional brick, you can still add that feeling of exposed brickwork with brick tiles. You can use them on a fireplace, in the kitchen, bathroom or as a feature wall in your living room.

You can even use them outside as a feature that helps tie in and highlight your patio. No matter how you choose to use them, the results will be amazing.

4. Diverse Design Selection

It’s true that traditional brick still remains one of the most conventional choices. But the design choices of traditional bricks are very limited, with only a few options to choose from.

If you’re looking for a more unique, stylish feel, then brick tiles are the better options. There are a wide variety of patterns on the market to give a unique style boost to your home that will be the envy of your friends and family.

You can choose anything from sleek, modern brick styles to a more reclaimed look. You’ll be able to find the perfect shade and pattern to blend into existing brickwork. Or you can find one that will add a funky new feature that will fit perfectly to the style of your home.

Brick tiles are actually cut from regular bricks. This means they retain the same texture, shape, and colors of traditional bricks. You’ll find colors from traditional red, through to greys, buffs, and brown colors. Texture options include rough, smooth or worn.

You can add a whitewash to the tile which will bring a bit of French-inspired country chic to the style of your room. Or you can use a smooth finish to make an attractive, eye-catching kitchen backsplash.

5. They’re Very Cost-effective

If you’re looking for a DIY project, brick tiles are perfect. They’re easy to install and they’re very cost-effective. While the brick tiles themselves might cost more than traditional bricks, the money you save on skilled labor will stack up.

They also have cheaper transportation costs, and they don’t need a strong foundation to apply them as they don’t weigh as much. In the end, the overall cost results in a bit of a bargain!

When you apply brick tiles to existing walls, you’re going to immediately avoid material and labor costs. This is because the area doesn’t need to be cleared as it does for traditional brickwork. And you won’t need any changes to your home’s foundations.

6. They’ll Save You Valuable Space

Space is at a premium in our homes, and more so for some of us. If you live in an apartment, you know this better than anyone. Brick tiles need a smaller amount of room compared to traditional brick. This will result in saving you floor space at the end of the installation.

As a comparison, using a standard tile size of 20mm, four walls of this would take up 80mm. The same using traditional brick would actually need 480mm of floor space.

7. They Don’t Weigh As Much As Traditional Bricks

As brick tiles are only a small section of brick, they don’t weigh as much. This can cut delivery and transportation costs significantly which can stack up depending on the amount you order.

Their lightweight nature also has other benefits, like making them more versatile to use. You can apply them to a variety of surfaces without worrying that they will overload it. They aren’t going to undermine the structural integrity of your partition walls or your home’s main structure.

Add Brick Tiles to Your Home Today

As you can see, brick tiles bring a lot of benefits over other options. They are a durable, lightweight and easy to install option that adds extra interest to your home. There are so many varieties and colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.

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