Victor Restis: Empowering Children to Thrive in the Face of Tragedy

Kuyasa‘s mission is to empower children and youth of previously disadvantaged communities to become independent while embracing Christian values. The dream is that they will lead and empower others to follow that same set of values. Victor Restis and the Restis Family Foundation share the mission and values set forth by Kuyasa to help disadvantaged children thrive despite their plight of being orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Mr. Restis’ support of Kuyasa is a commitment on behalf of the Restis family patriarch, Macias. 

The Macias Restis Foundation was founded in the memory of Macias because of the love and gratitude he held for the people of Africa. Macias considered South African to be his second home and is took great care to promote the health and wellness of people and communities he came to know. The Restis Family Foundation is especially committed to supporting organizations and charities that focus on children

The scope of charitable giving ranges from providing educational support, providing food and shelter, and ensuring stronger healthcare opportunities. In addition to Kuyasa’s mission, Victor Restis and the family foundation support other like-minded missions in Africa including the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT), HOKISA (Homes for Kids in South Africa), and Love and Care. Part of the Kuyasa program includes the Kuyasa Kids – a choir group consisting of children from ages 8 – 19 that tours nearby states gathering sponsors for orphans of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

Kuyasa Kids are from the township of Kayamandi in Stellenbosch. Kuyasa was a program discovered by Mr. Jannie Momberg, former South African Ambassador to Greece, and longtime friend of the Restis family. When he ended his ambassadorship, Mr. Momberg returned to South Africa embarking on the task of identifying charitable programs for the Restis family to support. 

These charities share is an established track record for aiding underprivileged children, many of them orphaned, in a loving, yet efficient manner with special emphasis on providing proper healthcare and educational opportunities.