GroupSpaces has all the features you need to develop an awesome group or community. It is easy to set up a community portal that can accept member signups using GroupSpaces. You can also have private discussion spaces in the form of an online forum, or send pro newsletters to all group members on a regular basis.

GroupSpaces has been the reason a number of communities were created in the first place. The easy-to-use platform is great for a wide range of communities or groups, but here are some cool ideas for communities and groups you can develop yourself.

Old Schoolmates

GroupSpaces is the perfect platform for setting up an alumni group. You can have the entire class from your days at college or high school sign up to be part of the community. This way, setting up get-togethers and organizing various events will be much easier to do.

The built-in event management system can be used to send invites and even sell tickets. The next time you want to host a movie night or a reunion, there is no need to worry about contacting every member of the class manually to confirm attendance.

Let’s not forget that GroupSpaces support multiple admins. If you are from a relatively large school and there are hundreds of members to organize, different admins can combine their efforts and keep the entire community effective.

Group of Online Students

Another interesting trend we’re seeing is students – particularly online students – creating their own communities. Online students don’t really meet in class every day, which is why setting up an online forum or community is a great way to share and communicate with each other.

Programs such as the MSN to DNP online from top universities like Bradley University can be challenging because they are designed mainly for those who also work full-time jobs. In the case of the online doctoral nursing programs, professionals can work together on more than just course assignments.

Members can share information about job openings, trade stories about their job and the course, and even set up meetings to work on course assignments together. It is also easy to remind every member of the community about upcoming exams and assignments.

Instagram Pods

Do you know what an Instagram pod is? It is a group of people that support each other in growing their Instagram accounts. When a member of an Instagram pod posts a picture, other members will like and leave comments on the post almost immediately.

Managing an Instagram pod gets a lot easier with the help of GroupSpaces. Administrators can filter members who are allowed to join the pod through the signup process. It is also easy to use since members don’t have to create an account to be part of the pod.

Updates, reminders and other activities can be shared through the host forums or via email discussions. To make it even better, members have the ability to recommend other members through referrals, so keeping the Instagram pod effective is so much easier to do.

These are just some of the ideas you can explore. There are plenty of other ways you can utilize GroupSpaces for communities and groups. Hit the Get Started button on our Home page to get started right away.