Summertime can be both hot and beautiful. While there are many things to love about the summer, the heat is not one of them. Good Sun Protection can help you to appreciate the warmer months even more.

Do you want to learn about how you can get the protection you need for your skin in the sun? Keep reading to learn about five different types of hats for the summer to keep your head covered.

1. Brimmed Hat

This summer, protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays with a brimmed hat! Brimmed hats feature a wide, curved bill down the front that deflects the sun’s direct rays away from your face.

They provide valuable protection against ultraviolet radiation, reducing your exposure to a minimum. This style of hat typically has a chin strap, so it stays secure while you’re out and about.

2. Trucker Hat

Trucker hats are an extremely popular and effective way to protect your skin this summer. These hats are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes while adding a bit of style to any look. They usually feature a mesh back and brim that allow air to circulate and a comfortable fit, as well as a variety of bold and trendy designs. 

Adjustable straps mean you can customize the fit to your head to ensure it sits securely on your head and isn’t prone to slipping off.  Shop trucker hats today for your summer adventure. 

3. Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is one of the most stylish and practical sun protection hats available this summer. Great for both men and women of all ages, this classic hat is perfect for long days at the beach or music festivals.

Its casual yet refined style makes it the perfect hat to accessorize any summer outfit. This hat is perfect for hot summer days and for protecting your scalp, allowing you to take part in outdoor activities without worrying about sunburns.

4. Crown Straw Hat

The crown straw hat is crafted with a wide circle of woven straw or reed, giving it the perfect amount of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This hat is not only fashionable but offering UPF 50+ protection you will always feel covered while looking your best. The best part is, the lightweight and breathable straw material make it comfortable enough to wear all day.

5. Fedora Hat

This hat is an ideal choice for sun protection since a wide brim of 4 inches or more can offer comprehensive coverage to the head, face, neck, and shoulders. The Fedora has been popular for decades and is typically made of either felt or straw. The beauty of wearing a Fedora is that it is versatile in style and can be paired with a variety of looks to suit your own individual style.

Enjoy These Different Types of Hats

If you want to protect your skin this summer, making your own shade and wearing different types of hats are perfect solutions! Try making your own shade and experimenting with different types of hats such as floppy hats, baseball caps, sun hats, and more to find the perfect combination for you. Now that you know how to shield your skin this summer, go ahead and give it a try!

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