The things we enjoy are often those that we remember best. This goes for work, education and social events. We soon forget the boring, dull events, even if we moan about them at the time. But those great events, the ones where the planning is clear to see to all those present, well they stick.

Here we look at ways to set your conference apart – read on to find out more.

The Run Up

Events are planned long in advance, but you are able to create a buzz in the run up to your own event. That way, it can already be the topic of conversation amongst those that will attend.

It is suggested that you also properly involve the guests in the run up. From the date that you send out your invite to the moment that they walk through the doors, you need to be involving them wherever possible. Great guests make great events.

So think of a social media campaign with the relative #s thrown in to get the ball rolling. The invite should refer to the same, set out basic details such as venue etc. but also maintain a degree of intrigue to keep the guests guessing. Once there, it is up to you, but this start will be a crucial factor in its success.


Engagement and interaction are crucial, so let your guests demonstrate their creativity skills at the event. This can be a great white canvas for guests to scribe, scribble or draw on, and an area for suggestions (in preparation for next time).


A great host can seamlessly move the event along without looking rude or interfering. They can also ensure that the guests mingle and do not sit within their normal groups. Meeting new people can be a little daunting for some, but it is also exciting.


Create them for the guests and then give them out to each one. This may be in the form of a photo booth, where groups can get snapshots to keep of the gathering and groups – depending on the crowd, you could throw in some celebrity masks to liven things up and have some fun (visit to find celebrity masks, film posters, lifesize cutouts and more). Also a little reminder of the event can be given, together with details of the next one too, such as bag for life, keyring, pens and paper sets etc. Tailor them to your company and products and always thank your guests in person and in your actions.

Vote & Quiz

Engaging content is great, but get feedback on the product or presentation through a question and answer session. Perhaps have a vote on open topics, or, at the start, hold a quiz so that the guests can see what areas they need to focus on. Of course you’ll offer a prizes where appropriate.

Show Off

Not of yourself, but your product, service etc. Now is not the time to be shy!


Ensure that everyone learns something new to take away and remember in the future. You’ll always be credited for this lesson!

Conferences should be interactive, engaging, and whilst entertaining, they should be informative and leave a lasting impression. If you want to be remembered positively, then these creative ideas should help set you apart from any others. It will be for you to manage expectation and deliver the final product, but this is now something that you can achieve more easily.