New York is one of the most exciting states in the U.S. It’s really impossible to run out of things to do here. It’s one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, but it’s also a great place to live.

Upstate New York offers all the same things as New York City without the hustle and bustle. Many people opt to live here and work in the city.

Listing all the great things in New York would be impossible. But to get you started, here are some places and things you should check out.

1. The City

Upstate New Yorkers have a love-hate relationship with the city.

There are plenty of good reasons for that. The city gets a lot more publicity than the rest of the state. Many people from out of state don’t even know that there’s more to the state than the city.

But no list would be complete without mentioning NYC. When it comes to culture, the city really can’t be beaten.

The world’s best museums and theaters are here. If you want a musical, concert, or just some good art, you have to come to NYC.

It’s a place everyone should visit once in their life.

2. Dispensaries

The marijuana industry in New York is doing quite well.

That’s because there are a lot of good high-quality dispensaries. Dispensaries and licensed shops are the only places you should buy marijuana.

Here’s information from Veriheal on where you can buy cannabis in New York.

There’s a lot more to weed culture than just people getting high. Though if that’s what you’re into, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you enjoy it responsibly. Relaxing every once in a while is good for you.

But there are many medical benefits associated with cannabis, too. It’s one of nature’s oldest medicines.

Prescription medications and painkillers aren’t necessarily effective. They might take the pain away, but they can be addictive and dangerous.

There are no negative side effects associated with cannabis consumption. People in New York are picking up on this.

Make a road trip out of your purchase and visit dispensaries around the state. It’s a great way to see some places you wouldn’t see otherwise.

While you’re there, ask what sorts of festivals are going on and what you can do. Locals always have the best tips.

3. Buffalo

For fans of chicken wings, Buffalo is the destination.

This city is home to the famous buffalo wing. And you won’t get better wings anywhere else in the world.

Ask locals what their favorite restaurants are. Or look online for ideas of the best places to find wings. The city has a lot more to offer than wings, too.

There’s even a growing number of vegetarian wing restaurants that serve meat alternatives. There’s no reason for vegetarians to feel left out.

Buffalo also has a lot of nice coffee shops and small restaurants.

4. Finger Lakes

For wine lovers, the Finger Lakes district is a great destination.

Here’s a list of some wineries to visit from Food and Wine. The Finger Lakes are located in Upstate New York and slightly south of Lake Ontario.

The climate is perfect for growing white wine, especially Riesling. The wines here are famous all around the world.

And the prices are much better than in Napa Valley. Don’t head to California when you can get great wine for great prices in New York.

Though the area is most well-known for Riesling, there are some other great wines worth trying as well.

Try new types of wine to discover what you like.

5. Nature

For culture lovers, nature can be a nice change of pace.

And in New York, nature and culture go hand in hand. Many parks and outdoor sights have music and art festivals you can visit.

Niagara Falls is something that everyone should see once in their life. But there are so many other great places to see, too.

The Hudson River is very impressive. The Catskills mountains are another great getaway from the city and host many cultural events.


If you’re a culture lover, New York should be at the top of your travel list.