Today, customer relationships with products and brands can be fickle, especially if a brand compromises its value proposition or customer service experience. David Highbloom, a 25-year entrepreneur with extensive experience in business models that accentuates competitive customer service landscapes, says that customers rarely remain loyal unless they are completely satisfied with how a company operates and how it values the experience of its customers.

The first step to achieving a premium customer service experience program and grow a brand’s loyal customer base is to understand big data and knowledge management. When thinking about the customer experience, the best a brand can do is to convince consumers that your product or service is better than your competitor’s. In simple terms, customer loyalty significantly depends on the customer experience, and customers rarely remain loyal to brands that compromise their experiences.

Highbloom points out several ways to improve CSX to ensure customer experience satisfaction and build a loyal customer base. The first is to communicate openly with customers and gather feedback. Direct feedback is a priceless gem that many businesses overlook. This should be a core function of any CSX program to improve customer support and create a human connection with customers. The most effective way to improve customer support is to establish different customer support channels. Social media, toll-free lines, and email stand out as good starting points for creating customer support opportunities. Highbloom says that it is not just about a timely response but about solving issues and challenges with your product or service to customer satisfaction.

The other area of importance is to train customer service agents on how to deal with different types of customers effectively. Each customer interaction is different. Some may be frustrated, while others may be calm. Either way, teaching the practice of patience and empathy will go a long way in reaching CSX and loyalty goals.

Highbloom says that Improving customer experience and loyalty can be easily achieved by understanding what your customers want. Take into account their concerns and use their feedback to improve your services.