Quitting smoking is probably the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life and were it not for my good friend Dayanna Volitich, I am not sure that I would’ve been able to get through it. My friend had previously quit smoking and she shared with me some tips on how I could make sure that the first time I tried, I could give up cigarettes for good. Whatever aid you may be using, or even if you are going cold turkey, these tips should be able to keep you on the right path and help you to finally become smoke free.


As smokers we always try to ignore the commercials or the evidence of what smoking can really do to our health. When you are quitting however a great idea is to explore yourself to these dangers, as it will inspire you to stay quit. Look at photos of lungs from a cancer patient, watch videos of people with smoking-related emphysema and you will definitely not feel like picking up a cigarette again.

Saving the Cash

You will save a huge amount of money once you have quit but it will be important that you do something so that you can see evidence of this. I used to spend around $25 per week on cigarettes so I made sure that every Monday I would take $25 out of the bank, and store it in a jar. That $100 per month was incredible to see and after 6 months I took myself away on a vacation with the money that I had saved. Not only does seeing the money provide inspiration, spending it can also be a little reward to yourself for the good work.


In the first few weeks it is important that you are doing something with your hands and your mouth to keep them occupied in place of cigarettes. A great tip here is to snack on things like celery and cucumber, which will ensure that you give your hands and mouth something to do. Snacking like this also means that you won’t pile on the pounds, another risk which people who quit smoking often face. Another great idea is to use a stress ball to keep your hands busy.

Fail and Keep Going

If you happen to smoke, be it because you are out with friends or simply because the cravings are too much, don’t think that you have failed and then return to smoking. You must accept that there is a chance that you can fail, and if you do you have to get back on the bike the next day, and continue your plan to quit smoking for good. One cigarette does not mean that you should go back to this dangerous habit, accept that you failed and then move on with your plans to be smoke free.

Follow these tips and you will be successful.