Timeless and elegant, a black and white wedding will always be an eye-catching affair. Black and white elevate and play off each other well. But working with two iconic colors can be tricky.

Minimal, two-color palettes, such as black and white, can easily fall flat or feel flat. But you don’t have to fear planning a black and white color scheme if that’s what your heart desires.

Whether you’re getting married on a rooftop or in a vineyard, or with modern or traditional themes, black and white can be your wedding colors.

Set the Theme Early

Though black and white may seem like a theme on its own, setting a further design concept can help you narrow down your focus. Will the wedding be elegant and traditional, trendy and hip, or moody and modern?

All of these can use black and white color schemes but look very different in their design. You may also want to consider if you plan on using the colors equally or if one will be the main color and the other the accent.

You should set the black and white theme early with the invitations. That’s also the place to mention if you would like guests to follow a black and white color scheme as well.

Wedding Party Attire

Your wedding color scheme is on full display with the wedding party, so you should put a fair amount of thought into what they’re wearing. Again, the design concept of your may influence the style and colors they wear.

Moodier weddings may opt for a wedding party dressed in all black. Click for black bridesmaid dresses for any wedding theme. But if you’re looking for more of an airy theme, white dresses are the way to go.

For groomsmen, both all-black and all-white suits and tuxes can mold to many themes. But you may want to choose the opposite of what the bridesmaids will wear, or at least a black and white suit, to add contrast to the wedding party.

Florals and Decor

Wedding decor is where you can have fun with your theme and colors. Consider traditional flowers like white roses and baby’s breath. Moodier florals like black irises and petunias can add some depth to the floral arrangements.

As for decor, black and white linens like table runners and napkins are a great way to bring the colors in. Black glass vases can hold the centerpieces. Tall candles add a warm ambiance in the venue.

Optional Accent Colors

Obviously, you don’t only have to do black and white. Add a third color as an accent if you feel like your black and white theme is missing something.

Metallics like gold, silver, and rose gold are great options. As are colors like red, green, or pink, depending on the overall wedding vibe you’re after.

Design the Black and White Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding trends come and go through the years, but black and white will always be in style. The color combination is timeless, which means your wedding photos will have less of a chance of looking dated.

Though simple, a black and white wedding can make a big statement when designed correctly. And though you have two colors to choose from, you have plenty of options to make an impact with all the details and decor.

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