It would be great if we could all have a short break from your work every time you feel sleepy, unmotivated, or sluggish. Unfortunately, this is not always possible in the workplace. Getting a bit tired, especially after lunch or later in the day, is a common scenario whether you work the whole day or just part-time. Feeling sleepy can affect your performance and productivity, especially when it happens every day. So how will you stay alert in your workspace? Here are some ideas for staying alert, motivated, and on top of your game in the office.

  1. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. If you go for even just a five minute walk before starting to work to get some fresh air, it will help you stay alert in your office. Changing up your environment and getting your blood pumping is a really effective way to wake you up and help you feel focused when you return to your computer. Try a short walk with colleagues after lunch or even just in the middle of the day. You’ll come back feeling more refreshed than ever.
  2. Listen to music. Music is highly beneficial and is an instant mood changer as well. It triggers emotional responses which helps people engage the prime parts of their brain. This is why people listen to certain exciting playlists while working out! If you feel tired at work, listen to some energizing yet soothing background music. This will increase your motivation but won’t distract you from your work.
  3. Take short activity breaks. If you sit or stand for long in front of your desk, it will undoubtedly make you feel tired. In order to think more clearly, you need to stay active so it can help you feel more alert. Stand up at least once an hour and take short activity breaks from your work. For instance, you can try to walk around your office space, take a tea or coffee break, or even just chat with a colleague on the other side of the office.
  4. Expose your work area to bright light. If you expose yourself and your work area to natural light, you will feel a lot less sleepy throughout the day. Also, you can brighten your workspace with the artificial lights to keep yourself more alert while working. Vitamin D kicks up your energy and keeps you focused and alert.
  5. Drink sufficient water. Drinking enough amount of water is a healthy and effective way to give your body an energy boost – way more than sipping coffee. Dehydration can make your body weak and your brain foggy, so try to drink at least eight ounces of water throughout the day in order to keep your brain alert. The walks to the office water dispenser will also wake you up.
  6. Boost your energy with supplements. Sometimes a cup of coffee can boost your energy temporarily but it doesn’t last for too long and may lead to an energy crash. Sometimes you need something more powerful to keep yourself energized and awake at the office. Try natural supplements like nootropics which are energy boosters that also keep your brain nourished, strong, focused, motivated, creative, and cognitive.

Final thoughts. These are just a few tips that can help keep your energized and productive at work. Remember that these must be lifestyle changes that are implemented in the long-term to boost your mind and body!