E-learning is a new trend catching up in the educational system. With the current scenario, most of the educational institutions have adapted to digital classrooms andassessment.

Exam management platforms like https://www.janison.com/exam-management/ offer the most dependable and secure exam management services. An excellent exam management system comes with a few functionalities. Here are the essential features you need in an exam management platform.

It Should Cater To All Kinds of Examinations

A good exam management service should cater to all kinds of examinations like paper-based, digital, remotely procured, or on-campus exams. Each type of exam has its tasks and schedules.

The exam management platform should handle and supervise the entire examination process from start to finish. The online technology should be capable of rendering a smooth examination procedure.

It Should Offer Automated Scheduling and Planning

Examinations conducted on a large scale need proper scheduling and planning. Good exam management software should help in automated student verification. Also, it should facilitate the allocation of admit cards or mark attendances automatically.

A proper examination system can help teachers plan, prepare, and publish the dates and holidays during the schedule.

It Should Provide an Automated Question Bank

Examination software can provide an automated question bank or reference links on various subjects. The software should also give an option to set a question paper on different templates. It also offers text editors, flow charts, diagrams to make the paper more readable for the students.

It Should Help in Selecting Appropriate Questions

A question paper should include questions like multiple-choice, quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, and others. An exam management system should also help in allocating a proper marking scheme for all types of questions. It helps in creating a proper flow of content in the question paper.

The selection of questions plays an integral part in conducting a fair exam, maintaining a balanced level of difficulty.

It Should Offer Secured Data Handling Services

Online exams are conducted remotely. A good exam management platform should offer a secured, AI-protected service to monitor the exam. It should keep a check on the students if they use dishonest and illegal ways to write. Privacy is also essential when managing online exams.

Other services that an exam management system should handle are:

  • Security of candidate and exam details.

  • Secure login and registration of online candidates.

  • Proper facilitation of technical issues before or during the exam.

  • Continuous monitoring of the timings.

It Should Provide a Customised Approach to Examination

A good exam management platform offers customised test-taking methods for students. Educational institutes can provide a unique and balanced assessment option for the kids.

Many colleges and schools teach multiple languages. An exam management system that supports multiple languages will help students overcome the language barrier and undergo a smooth examination.

Allow LMS Integration

The exam management system should be integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) at your institution. This will help the administrators assign appropriate customisations and real-time changes to the content. Students can easily access the content from the portal for better learning.

Provide Instant Evaluation

It is one of the most important features of exam management software. This automated feature allows teachers to assess the students on several parameters easily. A sound examination management system helps teachers to publish the results instantly.

It is a very cost-effective solution for educational institutions of all sizes. Teachers can save a lot of time and energy with an automated evaluation process.

These are some of the features of good exam management software. It will reduce the burden on the education system. The system will also provide an easy-to-use interface for the candidates. It makes the whole examination process appear a lot easier and more fun.