Being in an accident is horrible. There are physical scars and mental scars that might never really go away. Your body might even be irreparably damaged, meaning you need to find a new way to live your life and do the same tasks you have done all your life. Accidents take a lot from you, and the more they take, the harder it is to get past them. Moving past an accident, however, is the only way to take back control in your life. You won’t be able to dictate everything, but you can choose how you live your life and you can choose to be happy. To help you reach this state, follow this guide on everything that you need to know about recovering after an accident:

Prescription Addiction 

Recovering from injuries comes with pain. This pain is often treated with opiates such as painkillers. Examples of these opiates are morphine, codeine, and oxycodone, and the danger with these prescriptions is the ease of which many become addicted. This addiction is then worsened by the fact that the body will build up a tolerance to the drug and they last only a brief period of time, meaning higher and more frequent dosages will be required, furthering your spiral into addiction. How long are opiates in your system? The answer varies depending on your age and health circumstances, meaning that different people will be affected by the drug in different ways. As such, recognizing the symptoms of addiction might be more difficult in some. When you do realize your loved one has an addiction, however, you must help them seek treatment. Even better, be aware of the dangers of prescription addiction and ensure your loved one does not stray from their prescription dosages.

Healthy Eating for Faster Healing 

When it comes to actually recovering from an injury, healthy eating is the best way to go. Nutrition plays a crucial role in the body’s ability to heal itself, meaning if you improve your diet you can heal faster than you would normally. Fail to give your body the vitamins and energy it needs, however, and your wounds will take far longer and even potentially leave you with a terrible scar or disability.

Working with a Physiotherapist 

Physiotherapists can do wonders for your body than regular doctors cannot. They can help you gain as much movement and function back into your limbs and ensure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Remember that you have to be patient during this process – straining yourself too far will result in further injury, whereas not pushing yourself far enough won’t help you gain as much movement back as possible. Rely on a professional’s advice in order to achieve this happy medium, and remember to do all the exercises they prescribe at home.

Recovering from an accident is a long journey. You have to be patient with yourself and find healthy ways to recover that don’t involve prescription abuse. Instead, find ways to work with your body.