You more than likely go out of your way to protect your family.

In doing so, have you missed a danger or two along the way? If so, what will you do to correct those shortcomings?

For many heads of households, there is a lot to cover on a daily basis. As such, they can forget about one or more areas where their families would be susceptible to crime.

Assuming you do not want to be the next crime victims, what are you going to do to keep the criminals at arm’s length?

Making Sure Criminals Don’t Strike

In your efforts to protect your family, cover these following all-important areas:

1. Home security – For starters, how safe is your home from outside intrusions? You can have a security system, locks on doors, and even bars on the windows. Still, it often comes down to making sure you use all the different home security options you have to work with. Not leaving alarms on when you go to bed at night or are away from the home is a major gaffe. So too would be leaving downstairs windows open and doors unlocked at all times of the day. Remember, intruders can strike in a matter of seconds. That said don’t give them an easy way into your home to begin with.


2. Identity theft – Criminals do not have to penetrate your home to cause havoc and even injuries. If you do not have an identity theft protection service, consider getting one. There are a myriad of such services available for your review. With an Identity Guard review or review of others, you are a step closer to protecting your loved ones.

3. Children can be vulnerable – Given how much you love your kids, you want them safe 24/7 to enjoy all life has to offer. With that in mind, note many kids are on family computers and even their own mobile devices if old enough. As such, they can at times be at risk of falling prey to criminals. The most notable would be those individuals stalking children online. Let your child know that he or she can’t be talking to strangers when using the Internet. You may very well consider having parental controls over their online activities.

Make It a Team Effort

Keeping your loved ones safe at all times of the day is not an easy task by far. That said make it a team effort.

This can include:

· Being part of a neighborhood watch group

· Keeping an eye on new people who move into the neighborhood

· Having older children look out for their younger sibling

Although you do not want to be paranoid and take safety efforts to unhealthy heights, don’t be the other extreme.

Too many people are so busy that they fail to recognize obvious signs of imminent danger. As a result, they can end up being the next crime victim.

In protecting your family, have you got all your bases covered?