There’s no denying that your pet is a part of your family. They have just as much an equal part in the family dynamic as everyone else. Just as you would do your best to keep yourself, spouse, and children healthy and happy, you do your best for your pet as well.

Holistic pet care is a great way to provide some of the best experiences and allow them to enjoy a long and fruitful life. If you’d only feed your family the highest quality foods and use only the highest quality products, then you’ll want to do the same for your pet.

Not sure where to begin your journey towards creating a holistic or organic pet care routine?

Continue reading below for a guide on several holistic pet care tips you must know about!

Find a Holistic Veterinarian

Your first step in this journey should be to find a holistic veterinarian for your pet. Unfortunately, not all vets support this type of lifestyle, and some aren’t educated in the holistic pet care field. You must find one who is trained and educated in providing holistic pet care.

Take your time and do some online research. Find a few options in your area and then begin looking into their reviews, references, websites, services, years of experience, and more.

Once you find one you like, you then have a vet who can give you advice about how to provide a holistic lifestyle for your pet and who can provide the type of care your pet needs as well.

Purchase Natural Products

Did you know that pet products have natural lines just like human products do? You can find just about everything you need for your pet in an organic or all-natural form. These products range from shampoo and conditioners to pet treats, and everything in between.

If you have trouble finding all-natural products at your local pet store, then try to find a holistic pet store or organic pet store near you. These stores are most likely privately owned and smaller than the big-chain store, but you’ll be able to find what you need.

Your visit might even come with better customer service and a more customized experience since you’re not walking into a large store.

Apply Coconut Oil After Bath

Using an all-natural shampoo and conditioner on your pet is an awesome decision. Natural products are less likely to cause allergic reactions to your pet. If the first brand you try doesn’t work well for you, don’t give up.

Try a few until you find one you like. You can also speak with your vet about the best all-natural brands to use. After bathing your pet, you can go the extra mile by applying a small amount of coconut oil to their coat.

Take a dab of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil in your hand. Rub your hands together to cover them completely. Then, give your pet a good rub with the coconut oil, covering their entire body.

Their coat will be left shiny and soft. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal and will help clear up any impurities of the skin as well.

Provide Regular Exercise

Depending on your pet’s age, breed, and overall health, you’ll need to provide them with the right amount of regular exercise. Be sure to speak with your vet about the proper amount needed for them. Just like with humans, if pets aren’t able to get out, move about, and exercise regularly, they can start to lose their flexibility and their full range of motion.

If you’re unable to be at home to give them their exercise every day, then do be sure to look into hiring a walker to come and walk your pet for you or to spend some time with your pet playing with their favorite toy. These services are usually affordable and well worth it.

Use High-Quality CBD Oil

You might have heard about pet owners using CBD oil on their pets to reduce stress, anxiety, and to ease their pain. When using high-quality CBD oil, such as products from Naysa, you can provide all of these benefits to your pet using a safe and natural method.

What must be kept in mind; however, is not all CBD oil companies use high-quality products. Do your research before buying CBD oil from your pet from just anywhere. Look for products that are organically grown in the USA, third-party tested, and with little amounts of THC in them.

Then, speak with your vet about the best way to use the oil for your pet.

Offer a Natural Homemade Diet

You can visit holistic pet stores and do your research until you find a brand of food that meets your standards. You also have the choice to offer your pet a natural homemade diet as well. When you make your own food at home, you know there are no processed ingredients.

You can also ensure you’re giving your pet the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients needed to keep your pet healthy. This is where many food brands fail. You can look up different recipes online and try a few until you find one that you and your pet love.

After feeding your pet a homemade diet, be sure to keep an eye on their weight, coat condition, and energy level. All of these factors should improve in your pet.

How Can You Provide Holistic Pet Care?

Holistic pet care doesn’t consist of only one thing. Holistic pet care ranges from the vet your pet sees to the food they eat, and all the products you use on them as well. Use the information given in this guide to ensure your pet receives the best holistic care possible.

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