The learning process can become more enjoyable by adding a pinch of fun to it. The researchers concluded that relaxing and a fun atmosphere helps the brain to perceive the information and replenishes reserves. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to make English entertaining. 

Improve Spelling Check In Scrabble Competition

Good news that this spelling competition may happen right in your living room. All you need for this exercise is a board game for $15 from Walmart and a good company. Besides memorizing how to write certain words, this play helps to enlarge vocabulary and to learn the synonyms. It also improves socialization and creativity. 

Pay Attention To What Is Playing In Your Headphones

Music is an inseparable part of our everyday activities. We listen to it while cooking, making sports, driving a car, or just walking down the street. If calculated, this will take a great amount of time, when you are listening to songs from English native speakers, considering that all popular and fresh tracks are mostly in English. Why don’t you start to pay attention to words in lyrics? Besides finding out the real meaning of a song, it will introduce to you a lot of slang and updated conversational phrases.

YouTube Is Your New Language Tutor

YouTube takes a leading position in the online entertainment industry. This is a place where the information is visually attractive and easy to conceive. This is a reason why it is also considered to be a huge educational platform. This is a way to access information in any field of human life and watch it with interest. If you are a fan to stick to YouTube videos for a few hours a day, subscribe to American bloggers to hear live English and be aware of the latest trends beforehand. 

Good Old TV To Assist

If technology is not your strong point and TV is still the main gathering point in your house, then use it smart by watching English content. Even if you hear it in the background, it will increase the ability to understand spoken language and different accents. Watching news and weather forecasts contributes to learning a formal language, used in official documents and governmental institutions. This would be an asset for those, who need English for business communication. 

Visit a New Place

If you want to embrace and challenge yourself when doing a solo trip to a completely new place abroad. This is a perfect chance to leave the comfort zone and finally to apply English knowledge into practice as this will be the only way to get help or information from locals. This lesson starts right away at the airport and hotel checking and goes further by experiencing new culture and place spirit. You will be surprised, but people don’t need to know grammar perfectly to communicate with each other. Traveling is a very efficient way of fighting a language barrier. 

Look For a Pen Friend

Pen friends are in the distant past, but no worries. Thousands of apps and websites for language exchange do an excellent job instead of that old tradition. Just register, add the information and find a partner to train the language. Here is to start from:

  • Tandem
  • Bilingua
  • Meetup
  • Speaky

Dive into Cinematography

Nothing can be better than watching a movie in a language of origin. Hollywood productions along with HBO, Netflix, and Apple TV make it easily accessible. Besides understanding the characters better, it improves your English greatly. Do not hesitate to use subtitles to make sure you catch all the new words. 

Don’t take a language too seriously to achieve great results. Let it be fun!