Whether you’re looking to relax, work or play, a garden room is the perfect addition to any home. From a small converted log cabin to a huge granny flat, a garden room of any size can work for you and your family. To help whet your appetite and to help you fully understand what you can achieve by building a garden room, we’ve put together a list of five ways the space can work for you and your family.

#1 An adult-only snug

The living room is a place for the whole family to hunker down together and watch TV before bedtime. But sometimes, when the kids want to watch cartoons and the adults want to watch a film, it can feel like a battle for the remote.

Thankfully, help is at hand, and you can build a garden room that works as an adults-only paradise. By painting the walls in a dark colour and filling the room with statement pieces of furniture like cool coffee tables and wall-mounted TVs, you’ll create an intimate space that allows you to retreat from the stresses of family life. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly elegant, you can even add a mini fridge that you can keep stocked with your favourite tipple.

#2 Convert your shed into a crafting space

When we’re crafting, we’re often inspired by the world around us. As a result, by converting your shed into a dedicated crafting space, you can reconnect with nature and let your creative juices flow. By sealing up the cracks in your shed and adding windows, you’ll transform your unloved shed into a beautiful workspace that’s designed to inspire any crafting, painting or drawing you may be doing.

#3 A child-friendly playroom

If you’re tired of constantly tripping over toys in the house, consider building a playroom for your kids in the garden. Even a building as small as a log cabin can be transformed into an enchanting playroom, but the bigger space you have, the better.

Not only can your child-friendly playroom be packed with your child’s favourite toys, but you can also add fun games such as a hopscotch pathway leading up to the building, or a swing. The great thing about a garden room like this is the flexibility of the space. It’s a room that can grow with your children, and you can change the design of the space as they age.

#4 Outdoor kitchen

Over the past few years, we’ve seen outdoor kitchens grow in popularity across the UK. Sadly, our climate means that we don’t get reliable weather for barbecues, so open garden kitchens are the way forward if you love to host summer parties.

You can choose a combination of different cooking options to suit your needs. So, although the starting point will undoubtedly be a BBQ, you can also add a pizza oven, grill, and even a sink. If you’re a fan of eating outdoors, it’s also worth adding some seating and an extended roof. An outdoor kitchen like this will create the wow factor and will give your home the perfect space for entertaining.

#5 Build a granny flat

If budget isn’t an issue, erecting a permanent structure like a granny flat in your garden is a fantastic choice. This is because, not only does it provide your family with an extra space for hanging out and relaxing during the summer months, but it also acts as a guest house for visiting friends and family. Plus, a structure like this should always be viewed as an investment. Although they’re expensive to design and erect, experts believe they could add up to 30% to the value of your home.

Choose any of these five garden room ideas and you’ll create a beautiful structure your family will fall in love with. Make a garden room your next DIY project and reconnect your home with the great outdoors.