Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans don’t know their neighbors these days? And that’s despite the fact that most Americans believe that neighbors need to help each other. What a travesty! 

Luckily there are many great ways you can meet your neighbors. One of them is to hold a neighborhood party. Read on to get some great ideas for such an event. 

Holiday-Themed Party 

Everyone likes to party around the holidays. So a holiday-themed party can quickly become a popular community party. And it’ll be easy to find all the right decorations at your local store. 

Keep in mind, though, that not everyone celebrates the same holidays. Different party locations can involve members of several affiliations. You may want to stick to holidays that are less religion-oriented. 

Luau-Themed Party 

The luau is a Hawaiian celebration filled with feasting and entertainment. It’s a popular choice of theme for many parties. That’s probably because it feels like a mini-vacation to all of the people who attend one. 

Because luaus are so popular, you’re sure to find everything that you need at your local supply store. You should also find plenty of recipes for traditional Hawaiian dishes all over the internet. Add that to the many luau party ideas you can find online, and your party planning should be a snap. 

Movie-Watching Party 

Most everyone loves watching movies. You can easily add movie-watching to any neighborhood block party. Or you can make watching a movie the main event of the party. 

You’ll probably want to use more than just your typical living room TV, though. It’ll be hard for everyone to see the movie. Consider getting a big projector or trying a drive in movie screen rental

Let the Neighbors Decide Party 

Of course, you don’t have to decide on the theme of your party yourself. Consider holding a vote for the type of party that you want. Drum up some ideas and post a voting sign on a community billboard. 

Your neighbors should love coming together to create a party that everyone loves. Plus, neighbors may find that they share common interests. And common interests are what help strangers become friends. 

Combination Neighborhood Party 

If you want something unique, consider combining two different party ideas. It’s sure to be an event that your neighbors won’t easily forget. 

You could have a holiday luau. Or combine several different eras for a retro party. This can also be a good compromise if your neighborhood block party voting ties. 

Explore Your Passions 

Good luck with planning your neighborhood party! If you put a lot of careful time and effort into it, your neighbors are sure to appreciate your efforts. And then your neighbors are sure to become some of your best friends. 

You can then invite your new friends to events relating to your passions. Oh, do you not have passions? If so, we can help with that as well. 

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