Businesses spend billions on digital marketing. And they are expected to spend billions in the next 5 years.

Businesses spend big marketing budgets each year because they know marketing is a vehicle to reaching their consumers. In other words, marketing vehicles deliver an advertisement to its intended audience.

It’s about marketing placement, designed for a specific audience.

A business, however, should be careful because not every marketing vehicle will get the consumer’s attention. You have to know where your audience hangs out in order for them to see your advertisement.

These vehicles can be a flyer, something in a magazine, or something else that transfers a message to the consumer. Its effectiveness will depend on the message and how it’s delivered.

The medium in which it is transferred is usually TV, radio & social channels.

The ultimate goal of a marketing vehicle is to bring awareness and generate more sales for the business.

Here’s what you need to know about marketing vehicles and how they can help your business.

Choose Marketing Vehicles Based on Your Ideal Customer

While it may be easy to choose any kind of marketing vehicle for your business, it’s best to be strategic around your ideal customer.

That means understanding who your ideal customer is and how you can best get your information in front of them. Marketing vehicles offer different strategies based on the customer and their needs. As a business, you have to decide what kind of information and what medium you’ll choose to give and pass on this information to your customer.

Here are the various kinds of vehicles that you should consider based on your business model and how well you know your ideal customer.

Print Marketing

Although everything is becoming digitized, print marketing is still very influential.

Newspapers and magazines are still available and can reach a specific crowd. People still look through newspapers and magazines at advertisements and discounts.

It can be a great way for people to see you offer a promotion that they need to cut out and bring to your business.

You can also choose a national newspaper or magazine instead of a local one to reach a wider population. Print marketing may not be as popular as it once was, but it’s not about popularity, it’s about how much you know your audience.

If your target market likes to read print, then offering forms of advertisements with print marketing can a successful tool for your business.

Digital Marketing

If you’re not interested in print marketing, you’ll find that digital marketing is much more popular and caters to a wider audience. And there are also more choices to select from in digital marketing.

An example of digital marketing vehicles includes Google AdWords. You can use this digital marketing service to target your select market with specific AdWords.

You can also use Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach your audience. This kind of marketing vehicles allows you to create specific ads to a specific audience.

Facebook and Instagram advertising gives you the option to create audiences based on their interests and behaviors. This kind of advertising is much more targeted on your audience and how well you know them.

Another form of digital marketing vehicles is email.

With email you can send information that promotes a sell or talks about customers’ problems, appearing emphatic and relatable to the customer. The point of email, which acts as a vehicle to deliver messages, is that it sends information directly to the customer.

You can find other forms of digital marketing beyond these main platforms. Before you consider any of these platforms, however, it’s important to always think of your target audience.

You need to consider if your audience hangs around any of these platforms and how likely they are to see your advertisements.

Another thing to consider with digital advertising is the image or the graphics. A lot of digital ads capture the attention of the user with a bright and eye-popping picture or graphic.


Events are another form of marketing vehicles. For instance, a conference can be a way to speak about your business, thereby getting your message in front of your customers.

Truck graphics can be especially important for events. These kinds of graphics as a marketing vehicle can help people see what kind of company it is and the service they provide.


Lastly, television is a marketing vehicle that speaks directly to the customer via commercials. This is why businesses spend millions on getting a commercial in the SuperBowl. It’s because they know that most people are watching it!

Television also uses shows and networks to promote a product or brand. For instance, a cooking show might be promoting a recipe book or a chef. It’s designed to get the customer engaged and ready to buy.

Here’s How to Decide on a Marketing Vehicle

It can be difficult to decide on marketing vehicles, especially if you don’t know your target audience.

That’s why first and foremost you should know your target audience. You should know how they absorb information and what they do with that information. A marketing vehicle is a tool you need to get your information to your ideal audience to generate more business.

The truth is, every business uses some kind of marketing tool if it’s word-of-mouth, social media, coupons, or get TikTok followers. Ultimately, every business needs to get the word out about their business to their customers.

Knowing what a marketing vehicle is and how it can help your business, can help you reach your customers faster and better. Your message will be more targeted and you won’t waste money on every kind of advertising platform.

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