Did you know that more than 4 million people die each year as a result of being exposed to poor-quality outdoor air? Such toxic air includes a lot of carbon dioxide, dust particles, and plenty of other toxins and chemicals that deteriorate your lungs.

Facts like these are not intended to scare you, but to make you more aware of the quality of the air you breathe. Whether you work at home or in an office in a commercial building, you can do so much to improve the indoor air quality. Keep reading to find out a few tips on how to breathe healthy air every day!

1. Ventilate Your House Often

One of the best and easiest ways to improve indoor air quality is to ventilate often. You can do this early in the morning and late at night. Open the windows and keep them wide open for about 5-10 minutes each time.

You should also open the doors to let the air freely circulate through your house or office building. A high quantity of fresh air will make you feel much better and it will rejuvenate you completely.

2. Have Plants In Your House

As you probably know already, plants draw carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. This is a natural process that happens every day with every plant. Having a few flowers and plants in your house will improve indoor air quality and also add a dose of liveliness to the place, so don’t forget to visit a gardening store to buy a few.

3. Keep Your AC Filters Clean

Whether it’s summer or winter, chances are that you use your air conditioning system quite often. This is not a bad thing, but when was the last time you cleaned or replaced the air filters?

Remember that these filters can gather a lot of dust, dirt particles, and impurities and they need to be changed on a regular basis.

As a rule of thumb, most homeowners change the filters once every 3-6 months, especially if the HVAC system is used daily. You should do the same, otherwise, all these impurities will be blown back into your rooms and you breathe them into your lungs. Not healthy at all.

4. Vacuum Often

This is a basic piece of advice that doesn’t need much explanation. Ideally, you would want to vacuum your rooms once every week, but you can also do it more often if necessary. A good vacuum cleaner will absorb most of the dust, dirt, and lint from your floors and carpets. Use a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter that absorbs up to 99% of bacteria and you’re golden.

If you have pets in the house, you might want to vacuum even more often. That’s because your furry friends tend to leave a lot of hairs behind when they play or run from place to place. There are special brushes that can be attached to your vacuum hose to absorb most of the hairs and lint left behind by pets, so use them regularly.

5. Use A Humidifier

In some cases, the home air can become really dry, especially if you have small rooms. This happens because your heating system might suck all the humidity out of a small enclosed place, leaving the air dry and difficult to breathe. If you sleep in such a room, you might wake up with a sore throat in the morning.

The solution? Buy the best cool mist humidifier and use it daily. This device can be filled with up to 1 gallon of water and it will disperse it into your room as subtle steam. In no time, you’ll enjoy a more humid air that helps you breathe better and prevents any respiratory problems later on in your life. Or, try this flame humidifier for healthy air with a warm ambiance.

6. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Only

Whether you’re cleaning the floors, your upholstery or a furniture item, make sure that you stick to eco-friendly products. These cleaning agents have been made from natural products, they have natural flavors, and contain no chemicals or toxic substances. As a result, not only that your house will smell nice at the end of your cleaning process, but you don’t breathe in dangerous chemicals and toxic substances either.

7. Don’t Smoke Indoors

Well, the best advice here would be to not smoke at all, but if you can’t help it, at least do it outside. As you probably know already, a cigarette contains more than 4,000 toxins and around 60 of them are carcinogens. Smoking is not only bad for you, but your family members and friends as well because they’re exposed to second-hand smoking.

8. Use An Air Purifier System

If you have a larger budget to play with, we recommend investing in a decent air purifying system. Such devices look like a portable speaker and they can filter the indoor air for hours every day. You just have to program your device to start the purifying process at certain hours and let the machine do its job.

In most cases, indoor air purifiers are equipped with advanced filtration systems, including HEPA filters. They can also ionize the indoor air, eliminate dust, dirt, and other impurities before releasing fresh air back into your rooms.

9. Use Salt Lamps if You Have Allergies

Himalayan salt has amazing properties and it’s routinely used in indoor lamps for air purifying purposes. You can buy a salt lamp online, turn it on, and let the interior LED light warm up the salt. This salt will release negative ions that neutralize contaminants and impurities that might cause you an allergy. Just make sure that you’re buying a genuine salt lamp and you’re golden!

Now You Know How To Breathe Healthy Air In Your House!

As you can see, improving air quality inside your house and breathing healthy air is not that difficult. You just have to take action quickly and put these tips into practice, one at a time.

For more useful pieces of advice on how to improve the quality of your living, make sure that you read the other articles on our blog and become positively inspired!