Europe is the continent with the best restaurants and here are seven cities that have the best food on the continent. Come and enjoy and if you cannot decide on where to eat, do a food tour.


Athens is a can’t-miss food destination, and this is how any post about Europe food heavens should start with! The city is literally the cradle of European civilization and also a very modern metropolis steeped in beautiful architecture and culture that attracts travelers from throughout Europe and around the world. When they come what they also discover is that Athens is a food lover’s paradise. The city is filled with all many styles of Greek cooking that utilizes fresh seafood and ingredients from around the city and the neighboring areas. A perfect place to sample some of Athen’s best dishes is To Steki tou Ilia. This classic Greek eatery has some of the best lamb chops in town and serves them by the kilo! Join with the locals and see why it is so popular. Come for the sites and also come for the delicious food. You will never forget either.


No matter how many times you visit this wonderful city, you can always find a new food favorite. There are dozens of brasseries, patisseries, bistros and boulangeries to sample and many gems to discover. Finding one that makes an excellent escargots, boeuf bordelaise or pâté is easy in Paris. One excellent choice in the city is Le Severo whose pride and joy is the steak tartare that is hand-chopped from premium French beef. The options for great food can be overwhelming, so just pick a place and prepare to be indulged in this city whose second most dependable thing after its beauty is its food.


Many will argue that Rome has the greatest food in all of Europe while others will say that the city does not have the best food in Italy. This is a testament to the great food in nearly every city of the country. Coming to this ancient city gets you a front row seat in some of the best food places around. The city’s restaurants put together simple fresh ingredients and create dishes that far surpass any expectations. L’Osteria di Birra del Borgo Roma is a great example of a simple Rome restaurant that takes its food to another level. Try the “trrranch” or sandwiches made with pizza dough, pizza in teglia or pizza baked in sheet pans, and of course pizze tonde or round pizzas, to get a taste of the love of food here. Their menu also includes pasta dishes, as well as cured meats and cheese plates and a selection of their own beers.Come and enjoy some of the best sauces anywhere.


To understand the food scene in London you need to know that it is a combination of the traditional and the nouveau. You might have afternoon tea with traditional English sweets and then have dinner at the coolest fusion restaurant on the planet. Each somehow seems to fit. One place you must visit is Gunpowder. With a menu that unfortunately does not support its name, this elegant small eatery excels at vegetarian as well as selected meat plates. But do not leave without ordering the molten spice chocolate cake with masala chai custard. Wherever you go however please make a few rounds at English pubs for the bitters, or some fish and chips to feel the heart of the city.


This Eastern European city has come into its own since the fall of Russia. Prague is now one of Europe’s hot spots because of its beauty, shopping and nightlife. What has also come along quite nicely is its food scene. Come to Prague for a charming traditional meal that is part old school done right, and part up to the minute. The city has a vibrant international food scene, and has had a café explosion.  Restaurant Zvonice is a perfect pick for a meal. IT is literally housed in a bell tower overlooking the city. So you get beautiful views and a menu that features soups and starters then moves to Old Bohemian recipes of poultry and game for the main courses. You will have a delightful time here.


One of Europe’s oldest cities makes the list as a food capital as well. Berlin has always been a great place for food, but over the past 20 years the city has become of the world’s greatest. Berlin is a city soaked in history but it would be a mistake to visit just for the walking tours. Whether you are looking for a classic soft pretzel and beer a street dish of currywurst, or sausage with ketchup and curry powder, or to indulge in the city’s high end offerings, from Michelin star chefs, you will find great eating throughout the city. Zur letzten Instanz is a wonderful place in Berlin to eat any time of the year. This two-story iconic restaurant has hosted the most famous including Napoleon and Charlie Chaplin. Come and sample their famous pork knuckle Eisbein and of course the glorious German beer. Bring your appetite and you won’t be disappointed.

Visit one or all of these foodie European cities to have great meals and a great time.